175th Tiffany & Co. Anniversary Pop-Up Diamond Pavilion In China

2×4 Design Consultancy was recently commissioned for the construction and planning of the important anniversary of Tiffany & Company’s 175th year.

In preparing for celebrating their long-standing business and success, the company set out to create a pop-up exhibition in China. Proving that their legacy and iconic status has transcended the times and evolved into a contemporary company with strong standing values at the core.

The whole design was brought to life around the iconic “blue box” and from there the glass structure was born.

Within the center of this symbolic piece stands simple black surroundings (box interior) and a set of 6 magic mirrors that allow visitors to try on tiffany pieces virtually.

Beyond that, users are able to share their images draped in diamonds on Chinese social network, Weibo.

Tom Cooper | Elite.