16 Struggles You Face When Your Office Is Never The Right Temperature

by Ashley Fern

The temperature of your office has a lot more consequences than you may have ever realized. Is your boss forcing you to live in a place that somewhat resembles an icebox? Well, have no fear, you are not alone.

Despite the fact that science proves warm environments are more conducive to productivity, many places of work still force us to work in 68-degree rooms.

study from Cornell set out to fight against frigid bosses everywhere, it found that, "When temperatures were low (68 degrees or 20 degrees Celsius), employees made 44 percent more mistakes than at optimal room temperature (77 degrees or 25 degrees Celsius).”

When you're shivering, instead of using your energy to continue working, you are using it to warm up your body temperature. You are no longer focusing on the work task at hand, but on a better way to situate yourself in your office.

Who knew there was actual science to back up our complaints? Will this be enough to convince our bosses to turn up the temperature? I'm going to go with a "no" here, but a little research never hurt anybody.

So what is life like when the temperature in your office just really never feels right?

1. You always have a sweatshirt at your desk

You can't risk forgetting a sweatshirt, so you always keep one at your desk.

Sure, your coworkers may mock you for wearing the same thing every day, but it's better than freezing to death in your cube.

2. You constantly find yourself taking off layers just to put them back on a few minutes later

You're hot, then you're cold, then you're hot again and then you're freezing. There is no middle ground when it comes to your body temperature.

3. Drinking coffee severely alters your body temperature

The second hot coffee passes your lips, your body temperature sky rockets at least 15 degrees.

You are forced to strip down to your first layer for the next 30 minutes until your temperature comes back to "normal."

4. The entire office will never agree on what the "right" temperature is

Half of the office wants it to be cold, while the other half wants it to be warm -- there is never any winning in this situation, as the final temperature will be decided upon by upper management.

5. Opening windows during the winter is not a foreign concept to you

It doesn't matter how hot or cold the office is, there is always someone who feels the need to open the window. Why? Because that someone wants to ruin our damn day!

6. You totally have a space heater underneath your desk

There is no shame in resorting to buying a space heater. Hopefully, your office provides one for you, but if not, you have no hesitations in purchasing one yourself.

7. You find yourself beyond irritated at that one coworker who is never overheated or freezing

It must be nice to be you! How is this person never hot or cold? How does he achieve such an equilibrium? How can I be more like him?!!

8. You can't swiftly move through office aisles because of everyone's coats

Navigating through your office is essentially an obstacle course as the overflowing jackets on the back of everyone's chairs make it impossible for you to pass.

9. There are actual altercations over the thermostat

Verbal arguments are an everyday occurrence when the temperature is less than favorable. It doesn't matter how often this seems to happen, it never really affects how the temperature is agreed upon.

10. No one actually knows how to use the thermostat correctly

No matter how many people "try" to fix the temperature in the office, no one seems to ever get it right. You would think with the more hands-on deck it would be a quick issue to resolve; unfortunately, that's not the case here.

11. You strategically pick your seat depending on where the vents are

A solid 30 minutes of your day is spent moving your seat around to avoid being physically assaulted by the air vents. Sure, your boss may get annoyed with you, but he's not the one suffering from the subzero temperatures.

12. Sometimes you hide in the bathroom because it's the warmest place to be

Sure, maybe your coworkers think you have some sort of bladder problem, but it's you who will have the last laugh as you hide out in your stall of warmth.

13. You always look like a bum when entering/leaving the office

You may work in investment banking or at a prestigious law firm, but any passersby would think you lived on the street based on your apparel. They can laugh all they want, at least you're warm!

14. You'd rather order lunch for delivery than have to deal with putting your layers back on

All your efforts have been used in trying to maintain a pleasant body temperature, so when it comes to making an extra effort to layer up again, you'd rather just pass. Thank God for food delivery!

15. Sometimes you just don't even know how you're feeling

Is it better to be hot or cold? Is one really better than the other? Why do we have to choose? Can't we just be happy at a moderate temperature?

16. The females and the males will never agree

If you thought this was sexist, you're in the wrong. Men, in general, are more muscular than woman and thus insulate more quickly, making their body temperature rise.

Is this where the office temperature debates began?! Probably...