14 Things You Literally Can't Even Deal With When It Comes To Vacation

There you are, sitting at your nine-to-five job with a headache, yearning to just get away.

As you spend the first hour of work checking your email and catching up on what you didn’t do the day before, you find yourself spending the next few hours Googling images of the beach while sending pictures of tan models to your ~BFF’s OnLy~ group text.

And so it begins. You all begin complaining about life and continue to talk about the same thing you’ve been talking about for years: stupid boys, stories from your commute and being broke.

You see, being broke doesn’t mean actually being broke. You paid for rent and went out every weekend so far this month, yet somehow, you have enough money to go on vacation.

Vacation — that’s the keyword. As you propose the getaway to the girls, you can’t help but get excited.

You also don’t have any other choice because that’s how friendships work; if you’re excited, the other friend gets excited, then the entire group is all in.

Now, vacationing isn’t quite like going out on the weekend. You can ensure sun, beach, drinks and relaxation. You know, because we’re young and our lives are sooo hard.

Once everyone is all in for the vacation, you spend extra time trying to find the best deals and hottest resorts. All-inclusive is the way to go. You have the spa, unlimited drinks and most importantly, 24-hour room service because we’re always hungry.

Tickets have been bought, resort has been booked and you thought that was the hardest part? LOL, yeah right. Here are 10 things that happen to you before takeoff:

1. You realize it’s only March.

And your vacation isn’t until June. You get angry. You’re pissed at life because you need it to be June NOW. Dear God - make these next few months go by quickly. I promise I won’t ever swear again.

2. You obviously need a new wardrobe.

Because you CANNOT wear the same maxi you wore last year in Mexico.

3. You're just as broke as you were yesterday… and the day before.

You just spent $435 on airfare and nearly $2,000 on that must-go-to all-inclusive resort.

As you find yourself putting every single cute clothing item in the bag, your heart breaks because you know you can’t afford all of these new clothes and dresses.

This is where you find yourself staring sadly at the computer screen while you exit out of all of your browser windows.

4. is your favorite app.

Every morning up until your take-off date, the 10-day weather forecast of your destination is your muse.

You find enjoyment in the fact that the heat is increasing by the day. All sun, no rain and it's your ideal five-day vacation.

5. You’ve written down your ‘what to bring’ list... in detail. And yes, you will overpack.

- SPF 15 and SPF 50 suntan lotion - Aloe vera - Three pairs of heels - Lint roller - Four maxi dresses - Five pairs of undies (cute underwear) and bras. - Tampons (just in case) - Makeup and makeup remover - Face wash - Toothbrush and toothpaste - Four outfits (black skirt and white fringe top; ripped high waisted jean shorts and aqua crop top; black and gold shorts and black lace top; white capris and white crop top) - Deodorant and perfume - Cute PJs - Three t-shirts - Different pair of flip-flops for each bathing suit - Ray Ban sunglasses - Beer bong - Koozies - Passport - ID - Money (ask dad) - Lotion - Camera - Phone charger

6. Your luggage is all packed because your priorities aren't straightened out yet.

You booked your ticket two days ago and you’re already packed. You want to make sure you have everything you need for your vacation … in a few months.

7. Your stress level is through the roof.

That’s it; you can’t sleep. You Instagram every pose you need to take to get the ultimate number of “likes.” You can’t wait to get tan.

Your dreams only consist of you on the beach/pool while double-fisting and enjoying life. You won’t smile until you’re on vacation.

8. Your days become long and hard.

Staring at the clock doesn’t make time go by faster. I think we’ve all learned that the hard way.

9. You begin to worry about your funds... even more.

You obviously need the extra cash while you’re on vacation. You did a good job of staying in… for one weekend. Then, you began to hate your life.

You realize that you need to try to do something to increase the funds ASAP so you can buy souvenirs you won't ever use.

10. You begin to care less about everything and everyone around you.

Because the only thing you are thinking about is being under the sun with a drink in your hand. The closer you are to your vacation, the more careless you are.

**Fast forward to June — Day before takeoff**

11. You’ve never been more excited in your life.

Your vacation is tomorrow and you think, “Wow, time flies,” when really a few months ago, you were banging your head on the wall every day.

Your excitement level is through the roof. Some people would think you just won the lotto, but in reality, you’re going to escape the pain of being on an everyday routine.

12. You check your destination weather.

You're pissed. Yesterday when you looked at the weather app, it was 80 degrees and sunny. What happens when you look today? All you see are clouds and rain drops.

You may or may not tear up because your only goal was to come back home tan and beautiful. Start texting the girls about how upset you are.

Don't forget to attach a screen shot of the weekly forecast to prove your anger is real.

13. You go to check in on the airport website and...

Your flight gets delayed. I mean, obviously. What flight is ever on time? You hate your life even more now.

While you and the girls sit at the airport, you begin to drink. Who cares? You’re technically on vacation, so you can do whatever you please.

14. You board the plane safely and arrive to your destination.


The weather app was wrong; the sun is shining. You realize the cab driver who drove you from the airport to the hotel completely ripped you off, but you don’t care. You're drunk with the girls and this is your definition of life is good.

And just like that, you're on vacation. Take it slow because it will feel like it lasted only a couple of hours. Prepare yourself for post-vacation syndrome, where you'll feel sad and lonely for about a month after you get back home.

Don’t worry; work and gloomy weather await you. Don’t think you’ll come back with a sh*tload of money, either. Also, don’t bother unpacking your luggage. It’s not worth the pain.