10 Questions That Can Completely Ruin An Indecisive Person's Day

by Meghan Collie

The life of an indecisive person is mega-stressful and often overwhelming. Every decision, from college major down to daily footwear, holds the power to create a swirl of cognitive dissonance.

Here are 10 problems that make the lives of indecisive people hellish:

Should I have coffee or tea with breakfast?

Usually, a person loves one and hates the other, but some simply cannot choose. Do I want a major caffeine wake-up? How much mental focus is required of me today? If I pick tea, which type of tea do I want?

What will I wear today?

This question can delay the start of any day by hours. There are so many different styles in my closet, and I never know who I may meet or what I might need to do on short notice. To wear jeans or not to wear jeans? That is the question.

Should I text him/her?

Flirting via technology has created a whole sub-issue for the indecisive. The universal struggle is so, so real: Should I send him a message? If I do, should I include an emoji? Which emoji is appropriate!?

Do I really like my major/job choice?

Each day brings different feelings. One day, it’s incredibly interesting and exciting; the next, it’s boring, and your peers are downright rude.

With every change of pace, there’s a change of heart: Did I make a wrong choice somewhere along the line?

Boat shoes or boots?

Well, the weather app does say “75 degrees and sunny,” but it's impossible to really know. What if I end up at a horse show? I need to be prepared, but I also want to look cute, and these jeans only work with my boat shoes.

Should I go out tonight?

I don’t really want to go, but I know I’ll have fun once I’m there. But, I have no idea how I would get there or what I’ll wear. I have so much work to catch up on, but there’s also a new "Grey’s Anatomy" season on Netflix. But, he might be going – maybe I will text him after all.

What picture from last night should I post to Instagram?

I look good in this one, but this picture has way better lighting. The bar looks way cooler that way.

Maybe if I put a filter on it – oh, God, which filter? Mayfair makes my skin look good, but black and white makes me look thin.

Where do I want to use all of my calorie-splurge-points this weekend?

My parents are coming into town to visit and offered to take me out for dinner. I’m going to scour Yelp for three hours this morning to compare menus, prices and reviews.

It has to be somewhere outstanding! First thing's first, do I want Italian or Indian?

Should I watch an episode of [insert Netflix show here] right now?

I know one episode will become four, but they are so good, and they make me feel less stressed. I do have a lot of work to do, however. [Note: This internal fight usually ends with an inevitable Netflix binge.]

Where do I want to travel abroad the most?

This is the burgeoning question with an ever-changing answer. Spain looks incredible, but I need to try Italian gelato. I would totally go to London, except it always rains, and I need a tan. What about Australia? Is that too far?

Indecisiveness might be the result of low self-confidence and a tendency to worry about scenarios that likely won't happen. Have faith in yourself, and go with your gut; your intuition will serve you well. There is no "right" or "wrong" decision (unless you choose boat shoes and it rains).

As long as you have the right attitude, you will find happiness wherever you end up, whether it's a bar in your neighborhood after work or living in Thailand for a year.