This? That? Which? IDK? 10 Struggles Of Overly Indecisive People

by Kathryn Kvas

This is an article about being indecisive, I think. Not 100 percent sure yet, actually. I’ll let you know soon.

Does that sound like something you do often? The “sorry, I’ll let you know soon” answer is almost a knee-jerk response for me at this point.

It’s a classic trait of a “people pleaser,” mixed with a fear of committing to something just because it makes others happy. Okay, I see the irony now.

Maybe I’m over-thinking this.

Anyway, as a self-declared indecisive, I’ve decided to write my struggles in list form, so other indecisive people can read it and feel like they’re apart of something. But, that’s up to them.

Here it goes:

You're indecisive so you don’t piss anyone off.

And, that sucks. No one wants to be the bearer of bad news, even if your BIG decision is whether or not to make the pizza guy “sad” because your friend wants to order Chinese. It’s a hard life.

You LOVE restaurants or services that decide things for you.

That tasting menu at your favorite sushi restaurant? It’s your savior.

Or, if you’re having something like Chinese or pizza, you either let someone else choose for you or you just order the same thing, over and over again, never interested in trying something new.

You MUST get everyone and their mother’s opinion first.

This, funnily enough, will make your decision-making process more confusing. Trust me, the hobo on 31st Street doesn’t care what color your throw pillow is.

But, you'll ask, regardless, so I won’t try to stop you.

You feel bad for your indecisiveness and apologize for it incessantly.

"Sorry, not sorry" isn’t your thing. It’s more, “Sorry, so sorry. OMG, so sorry.” But, why? We shouldn’t feel badly about not being able to make up our minds. Or, wait, should we? I don’t know, whatever. I give up.

Which leads me to my next point…

Decision-making is so tiring, you end up choosing to do nothing (sometimes).

Do I go to dinner with my out-of-town-don’t-really-care-about-you friend, or do I go bar-hopping with people I half-like?

After a few “um, I’ll let you know” answers, you end up having a mostly horizontal weekend streaming Netflix. Not that this is exactly a WRONG decision, amirite?

Indecisiveness makes you feel all the feelings.

Ever had to make a semi-big decision? I’m talking bigger than Nutella over Ben and Jerry’s, but smaller than choosing which twin to abort.

When this semi-big decision finds its way into my life, I find myself recoiling into a human ball of despair. But, after a few drinks, I feel a sudden thrill. I can choose anything! I can be anything and do anything I want!

This, of course, eventually turns itself into sheer dread, and then, I find myself seeking out tall buildings.


You overthink everything.

This is one of the worst parts of indecisiveness. When I make a decision, it becomes the only subject about which I can think.

Then, I overthink every pro and con of the decision, until even my pro-con list doesn’t want to listen to me anymore.

Don’t even start with small decisions...

No, really, don’t start. Or else, you'll suddenly find yourself stuck at the store for two hours, deciding between two identical banana bunches.

People get annoyed of your overthinking.

Basic tip for indecisive people: Surround yourself with patient, honest people, who can tell you to STFU once in a while. You need it more than you think.

You have to release your indecisive feelings once in a while.

Like I mentioned earlier, indecisiveness is hard work. It makes you feel all the feelings, which get bottled up inside you if you don’t do something to release that energy every once in a while.

Everyone has his or her own way of letting off steam. But, for us, if we don’t cut loose every now and then, our steam will overflow and suffocate us.

So, do what you need to do is have sex, punch pillows, take deep breaths and do yoga.

That’s all I’ve got.