Flying Solo: 10 Reasons Why Living By Yourself Is The Sh*t

by Tori Lyn
Universal Pictures

I was the girl who used the phrase, "Come with me!" like it was going out of style.

Whether it was eating, sleeping or peeing (girls just have to go in groups), I was never one to do something by myself. That is until I discovered the true bliss of living alone.

Suddenly, there was nobody around to know my every move. Better yet, I could live freely and (occasionally) sloppily without feeling any type of embarrassment.

With this new, untouched path of independence, I was able to do anything and everything I wanted, without having to explain myself to anyone. Though the original thought of living alone terrified me, I was pleasantly surprised by how freeing and liberating it was.

As I experienced the life of solo living, it seemed necessary to compile a list of all the dope sh*t I could suddenly do without fear of judgment from other roommates.

The Best Pants Are No Pants

What's better than coming home after a long day of work or school and immediately taking off your pants? I'll tell you: nothing.

Watching Netflix just isn't the same unless you are scantily-clad from the waist down. Furthermore, you don't have to worry about an annoying roommate barging in on you donning only polka-dotted booty shorts and a tank top while watching the series finale of "Breaking Bad."

Kick those business pants off with flair the second you come through the door; cannonball on your bed, and flip on the tube. After all, it's been a long day; you've earned the right do to the no-pants dance.

Gluttony Never Felt So Good

Eating is one of my favorite hobbies. Whether I'm scarfing down a greasy pepperoni pizza, sticking my face in a bucket of hot wings or eating Nutella from the jar with a baking spoon, I go all the way in.

A roommate, particularly someone you don't know very well at first, may look at this type of nonstop eating as shocking, nauseating or possibly a combination of both.

When you live alone, however, this is something you never need to worry about. So what if I finished an entire pizza during one episode of "Judge Joe Mathis"? It's not like anyone is here to notice!

Now pass the breadsticks.

Peaceful Hangovers

The above probably sounds like an oxymoron -- when is a hangover ever peaceful?

Though I'd never wish a pounding headache and extreme post-party nausea on anyone, if you live alone, at least you don't have to worry about your roommate looking down on you in disgust while you lay on the floor in the fetal position.

The potential embarrassment you may feel when you walk, hunched over like Quasimodo, to the fridge for some Gatorade or to the cupboard for some saltines does not exist when you live by yourself.

Furthermore, there's no one saying, "Damn, what happened to you?!" upon taking in your streaked makeup and the stench of tequila wafting from your pores.

Although, I'll admit, it is nice sometimes to have someone take care of you ... and hold your hair.

No Sharing the Mirror

This reason should be number one, in my opinion. Have you ever tried to share a mirror with five other females?

Someone usually ends up with a black eye from accidental elbowing, or worse, raccoon eyes from an over-application of eyeliner, due to massive amounts of bathroom chaos.

When you live alone, this problem can be happily avoided, and you can take all the time in the world to get ready for a night out with no one but your reflection to answer to.

Give yourself a wink in the mirror, girl; you be looking fine.

No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem

Living alone means being as free as you want. And, when I say free, I mean naked.

My apartment didn't even have a bathroom door, and I didn't have a care in the world tapping back into my primal roots. Normally, you would feel as though you had to cover up the goods in order to be presentable towards the other people you share your apartment with, especially if these people are strangers.

When you live alone, however, you can literally let it all hang out -- just make sure your blinds are closed. I don't think my mailman ever recovered.

You Can Be a Hermit

This may seem like a negative title, but sometimes, we all get in those moods where we don't want to do sh*t.

When we live with other people, we may feel obligated to go along with the crowd as not to seem antisocial, even though what we really want to do is stay in bed and watch reruns of "Laguna Beach" without being interrupted.

Living solo gives you the freedom to catch up on some much needed R&R, recalibrate your Chi, and quite simply, be lazy as f*ck.

Decor is Everything, Darling

We all remember our first college roommate, right? The one who wanted a black carpet, black curtains and black decorations?

Compromising was something that was required, especially since you were sharing such a small space. But, when you're more Barbie and she's more Marilyn Manson, something has got to give.

When you live alone, you can decorate your place however you want without consulting others, and you don't have to worry about conflict of opinion.

Want hot pink curtains? Do it. Little Mermaid-inspired pillows? Go for it. No matter how eclectic, chic or completely mismatched, the choice of décor is completely up to you.

No Morning-Related Rage

I don't like having any type of conversation with anyone before 10 am. This would be nearly impossible living with roommates, especially if one of them is a morning person.

While you're sitting silently, sipping your coffee and cursing whoever created the concept of mornings, you have to listen to your chatterbox roommate discuss how beautiful the sunrise was while she was on her morning run.

This doesn't happen when you live by yourself, and you have the whole commute to be a complete grouch until you get to work and are reluctantly forced to act like a normal human.

Dance Like Nobody's Watching ... 'Cause Nobody Is

Don't act like dancing in front of the mirror isn't something you do anymore. Sometimes the best way to gear up for a night out with the girls is to make yourself a drink, turn on some music, and dance off beat while deciding what to wear.

Unless you're lucky enough to live with your best friend, blasting music after hours while making a giant mountain of discarded clothes on the floor is usually frowned upon.

Living alone allows you to blare the tunes as loudly as you want without feeling guilty, and also take as many mirror selfies as your heart desires without any judgment. Now, should I choose Hefe or Amaro? #FilterProbz

Sloppy Drunk, Party Of One

Ever get home from a night out with a major case of the drunchies? You come stumbling in, bow-legged in your heels like Bambi learning to walk again, and clump through the apartment looking for food like a modern-day Goldilocks.

When you live with someone else, especially someone who isn't keen on your partying ways, it's inevitable that you'll get yelled at, shushed angrily, or at the very least, be on the receiving end of an angry note the next morning.

Living alone eliminates this problem immediately. Even better, the party can move to your place! Just make sure you bring your own food ... and you all need to be gone by morning.

Overall, living with my college girlfriends was a blast, and after experiencing such an ideal living situation, I was convinced it couldn't get any better.

As I began apartment hunting, I made the decision to take an apartment only available for one tenant. Despite it being the size of a shoebox, I felt lucky to be able to live completely by myself.

In addition to all of the reasons above, it was a great opportunity to learn independence, become more savvy in the world of bills and other expenses and gain the personal confidence I never thought I'd be able to acquire.

I was so used to having someone with me every second, whether it was friends, family or a boyfriend, and the thought of doing anything alone was terrifying. However, if I hadn't taken a chance on an unfamiliar situation, I don't think I would have half of the self-confidence and comfort with independence I have now.

I encourage everyone to experience the freedom of living alone at least once, as it was a time in my life I will always look back on fondly. I loved that little apartment.

If you're toying with the idea, but you're afraid to take the plunge, just remember one thing... There's no better feeling than watching reruns of "Sex and the City" in your underwear while binge eating cookie dough, knowing nobody is gonna walk unannounced through your front door.

Just saying ... think about it. But seriously, make sure your blinds are closed.