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Why The Most Creative People Have The Messiest Rooms

People often believe the types of spaces we surround ourselves with translates to the types of people we are; a clean space makes for a smart person, and a messy space makes for a lazy one.

But, research has shown the messier your room is, the more creative you are.

Some of the greatest inventors, filmmakers, writers and musicians are credited with having messy spaces.

Creativity thrives in messy environments because these types of rooms allow the creators to draw connections to things that would have never been connected before. Maybe the note on your desk written three months ago from a loved one inspires you for your next poem. Maybe the dirty shirt on the back of your chair inspires you to… do your laundry!

So, next time your parents tell you to clean your room, respond with the fact that creative masterminds, like Mark Twain, Salvador Dalí and Albert Einstein, never cleaned their rooms, and they're considered geniuses. Don't they want their kids to be geniuses?

Do you think Mozart had time to match his socks? No! He was working day in and day out on his masterpiece.

Check out this new interactive video to see which inspiring people also never made their beds.

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