12 Reasons You Wouldn't Trade Your Eccentric Pisces Bestie For The World

by Alexandra Antonopoulos

She tears up during "Fuller House." She spends every ounce of energy trying to understand why you only replied “Ha” to an epic text description about her day. She makes plans with you, and then she flakes.

The girl's a fish. She's a Pisces, and although she may seem a bit unhinged or troubled at times, your friend is a caring, deeply emotional human being who's really as strong as she seems fragile.

Pisces women tend to get a bad reputation for all of the above, but when the going gets tough and you need a fiercely loyal friend in your corner, a lady representing the 12th sign of the zodiac is the one you should call.

She's the Ariel to your Jasmine and the sashimi to your sticky rice. You know you love her slightly insane ways, even if you don't always understand them.

 She's your batsh*t crazy Pisces friend, and here are 12 reasons why no one in your life can replace her:

1. She will kill a man to defend your honor, and then cry about it for a day.

This lady will do the dirty work you need when you're in a crisis, and she'll do it with reckless abandon. She'll craft that nasty text to your ex and emphatically demand that you send it. So you do. But then, she feels a bit terrible for being so cold to someone.

You don't take this personally, as it's in her nature to be empathetic. Let her have her moment, and then thank her for being such a great friend. She'll start to feel better immediately.

2. She's pursuing a new career every week.

With a personality that defines “going with the flow,” your Pisces lady friend loves to pursue new hobbies and interests. Undoubtedly, these interests will turn into career opportunities. Before you know it, she's starting photography classes, writing a screenplay and considering a move to China to teach English.

You're supportive, but you know this frenetic search for happiness can only last so long. Still, it's entertaining as hell to be her sounding board. You love a good photo session.

3. She is the best person to get stoned with.

Finally, someone who wants to talk about the universe expanding. When it's time to get deeply philosophical, your fish friend has you covered.

You can expect stimulating conversation for hours on end, as well as lots of laughs. Take a hit, ask her what she thinks about FKA Twigs and just enjoy the ride.

4. She always has “a feeling” about a situation.

The term "go with your gut" is redefined when you're hanging with a Pisces. Her intuitive nature makes you feel comfortable when facts are clouding your judgment.

When you ask a Pisces to weigh in on your circumstances, she's happy to provide her perspective on the intangible aspects of the problem. Her tendency to be overly empathetic might be just what you need to construct a solution from another angle.

5. She values your opinion on everything.

Want to feel treasured? When she's up against a wall and can't see the literal forest for figurative trees, your Pisces pal is going to ask your opinion on her situation. She is going to hang on to your every word.

Her high emotional IQ makes taking people for granted nearly impossible, so if she asks for your thoughts, it's because she really wants to hear them. Trust me when I say she doesn't want to humor you.

Pisces are famous for shirking logic in favor of feelings, so be sure to provide some perspective that's grounded in the real world. She'll thank you later.

6. She's down with both hugs and drugs.

Pisces aren't all gloom, doom and mystery. There is an enormous adventure-seeking element to every fish woman. At a party, your friend is as ready to dole out mind-bending hallucinogens as she is to help the host clean up the mess afterward.

It's often more about the combination of personalities in the group than her own comfort. If your Pisces friend feels safe in her environment, she'll let loose quickly.

7. She makes you apologize to your boyfriend or girlfriend when you're wrong.

It's inescapable: Pisces love love. They are people pleasers to a fault, and they never shy away from saying "sorry" if that's what's needed to fix a situation. If you're fighting with your partner, she is going to encourage you to take ownership of your fault in the argument.

She'll take all the ego out of the scenario, and tell you exactly what you should do to set things straight with the person you love. Her advice is not going to involve games or playing hard to get. It's going to be about emotional honesty. You hate her crazy ass for it, but you know she's right.

8. She goes zen, just when you think she might implode.

No matter how angry or freaked out she gets, your Pisces girl can handle it. Sure, she'll have 10 mini-meltdowns before she finds her inner peace. But in the end, she never lets her troubles get the best of her.

What she does need, though, is time to feel her way through the problem. Before she's ready to join the land of the living, she's got to bury herself under tons of pints of Ben & Jerry's, "Friends" reruns and dirty laundry.

This is her grieving period, and during it, she is allowed to feel utterly depressed and dejected. Before long, her fluid emotional nature will pull her back to the surface and ready to attack the world again.

9. She doesn't make her problems your problems.

Thanks to her empathetic nature, your Pisces friend will never burden you with her problems. Unless, of course, you ask.

It's as important for her to have an emotional outlet as it is that she provide you with one. So, as much as she won't want to talk about her own issues, she appreciates you asking. Really.

10. She brings the drama, but in a good way.

If you're ever afraid you're living a shallow life, never fear: Your Pisces friend will remind you there are starving children in Africa and a homelessness crisis happening right outside your door. The Pisces friend is definitely a drama queen, but in the best way. You can't get away with complaining about first world problems around her.

She's going to say problems are relative, and that life is nothing but a series of peaks and valleys. Although it gets old, it's kind of sweet that she thinks this way.

11. She's extremely self-aware, and she knows she's flawed.

For all her emotional tendencies, the Pisces woman has no misconceptions about the way she comes across to others. She isn't disillusioned by her perception of the world, even though it is sometimes skewed based on whose feelings she may have hurt or whether or not she exercised that day.

Pisces ladies sense when they're emotionally draining their circle of friends, and they'll pull back before negativity clogs the airwaves. It's up to you to remind her that she's great just as she is, and to tell her to not be so critical of herself.

12. She makes you feel alive.

Sometimes, you wonder where all her boundless creativity comes from. Even if your Pisces friend seems to live in a fantasy world, you have to admit it's a fun place to visit.

Whether she's suggesting you take a road trip or insisting you must lie down in the middle of the street to look at the moon, you never feel as full of life as you do when you're spending time with this landlocked mermaid.

She's nuts, but could anyone ever take her place? Not in a million years.