How This Generation Gets The Confidence To Lead Unconventional Lives With Conviction


Insecurities are a curse that comes with our everyday thoughts, and I’ve noticed something in particular that is plaguing our generation.

People will convince themselves that others know best. They’ll think something and immediately retract their thoughts when someone else tells them they’re wrong.

This can be a product of being sensitive and open-minded to what other people have to say, which is a good thing, but there is a fine line.

It’s imperative to remember that regardless of what people will tell you they understand, they will never truly know what you're thinking, so giving them full ownership of your decisions and thoughts is a disservice to yourself.

I’ve seen many of my friends feel neglected in a relationship and then persuaded into thinking it’s their fault.

Women will compromise their standards in order to make peace with their raging thoughts. They come to sh*tty conclusions, settle for sh*tty boyfriends or even justify abuse.

If your significant other makes you upset, you have the right to say something, or better yet, leave, especially if this person tries to convince you otherwise.

You are also bound to encounter people trying to convince you that your future is not suited for you. I’ve confronted this many times in my life; my obsession with visiting places I’ve never been and need to participate in everything unconventional has landed me with little support.

At first, I would allow it to affect me. Everyone’s input led me to going to a small state school and thinking about becoming a doctor, lawyer or engineer because that’s what everyone said was practical.

Then I woke up one day and decided that I am simply impractical. I realized I know myself best; I know what I need to be happy. I’m going to do what I want to do, regardless of society’s approval.

Eventually I transferred and now I’m saving my pennies for my future endeavors. If I had continued letting others poke holes in my dreams, I would have ended up in a miserable place that wasn't meant for me.

A lot of people will try to deter your future, not necessarily to be malicious, but because it’s scary to be involved with an unusual path of life.

Not many have the confidence to take the leap. So I am telling you, if you want it and you’re willing to work for it, do it.

Trust yourself; be confident and tune the negativity out. Being honest with your wants and needs in life is a key step to finding peace. You would be cheating yourself by ignoring your true desires.

People will try to tell you you’re being over dramatic, that you’re impractical or you’re wrong for thinking what you think. That’s when you politely give them the middle finger.

Open that coffee shop, go to college in the city, travel to Africa and break up with your crappy significant other. Stand up for yourself. If they call you crazy, so be it; you’re crazy.

Life is meant to be lived outside of our comfort zones, so the scarier and more daring, the better.

Never let anyone dominate your mind. It’s such a special gift and it’s all yours, so take ownership and protect it with all the confidence you have.

Most importantly, do it for you and no one else.

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr