The 4 Stupid Mistakes You're Making In College You'll Definitely Regret

by Makeda Waterman
20th Century Fox

When our teachers used to tell us “what you do in high school will determine your success,” their words of wisdom went right over our heads.

And unfortunately, it often goes over our head in college, too.

If it's your first year in college or you're a student that's not getting what you want out of the experience, you might be making these super common mistakes. It's not too late to fix them, though, and actually get something valuable out of your time in college.

1. Thinking time is on your side. 

You're constantly reminded by your parents that you're lucky because you have most of your life in front of you. At the same time, four years in college can speed right past you if you don't have your head on your shoulders.

While most students spend their first year partying and enjoying the perks of college life, now is the time to figure out exactly what you want.

A career counselor can sit down with you to find out your strengths and come up with a list of the right courses to take that match with your desired career.

2. Ignoring free online resources.

 There are some students that like to take the easy way out and pay smart classmates to finish homework for them, or just not do it at all.

It might seem easy, but when you land your dream job and don't know the basics of your career, you will regret that easy route.

The internet is full of free online resources and using a free citation generator to help you with writing reports is one way to fulfill homework requirements.

There are a ton of articles that offer tips and tricks to writing essays and research papers.

Basically, if you aren't using the internet to help you get through your assignments, you are wasting your time.

3. Forgetting to enjoy school while it lasts.

In school, it's always good to have a balance. It means knowing when to spend late hours studying for exams and when to choose a frat party with friends.

If you believe that studying for four years straight is going to help you get ahead in life, it will. However, you need to keep in mind that striving for perfection will only leave you burnt out by the end of the school year.

When this happens, you might lose the motivation to keep going and will either drop out of school or start slacking because of pressure the to be a perfect student.

A middle ground between the keg down the street and the library is joining a group on campus that focuses on a subject you're passionate about.

Whether you like playing chess, writing, fashion or debating about politics, there are groups that can help you find joy in the student lifestyle.

4. Partying too much. 

This one is for all the students that can't seem to say no to a party. You will find that you're able to coast through certain classes, but remember that your (sober) involvement and GPA will be what gets you hired at the end of this.

Remember that the company you keep is a good indication of how you will turn out. For every partier you befriend, consider hanging out with someone from class.

Having some friends that are focused on getting good grades will remind you to get your act together. Remember, our five closest friends will determine what kind of a future we will have.

Keep motivated people around you because their good habits will inspire you to be the best student you can be.