7 People Who Got Portrait Tattoos Of Dogs Because Their Love Is Stronger Than Yours

by Rosey Baker
Brat Co.

Do you have a dog? Do you love him or her? I would hope so, you're not a monster. But do you love him/her to actually get their portrait tattooed on your arm, leg, or neck forever? I'm not talking about some bullsh*t two-dimensional dog; I'm talking about a true blue full portrait, like with all the shading and dimension of the photos of your ancestors. I'm talking about a portrait you could show your puppy's children long after they are gone and say "Look, fluffy, this was your grandmother."

Tattoo artists nowadays aren't just doing hearts with an arrow through them like bored sailors out at sea, longing for a change. This generation of tattoo artists are actual pros. They can turn you into a walking billboard of their work, which is insanely realistic. Combine their skill with the undying love of these dog owners, and you have a group of realistic dog tattoos so lifelike, you'll have trouble resisting the urge to stop on the street and pet them. But please do resist that urge. These are not real dogs; they're tattoos on human beings, so don't be an idiot who tries to pet strangers.

1. Can This One Come Home With Me?

What an incredibly realistic memorial portrait. I'm fairly sure if you look at this tattoo for long enough and start to move around the room, the dog's eyeballs will follow you. There's no denying that as far as tattoos go, this artist is insanely talented, I'm just not really sure I'm comfortable with it.

2. Showing Some Beagle Love

Are we 100 percent sure this tattoo won't come alive on a full moon, climb out of this arm and into reality? Because I want to be there. This Beagle is cute AF. I would put down a deposit right now to take just the tattoo home with me.

3. This One Will Protect You

As a passionate pitbull owner and lover, I am threatened by the strength of this owners' bond with "Darius." Is it no longer enough to commit to the 12 to 15 years that my dog will be on planet Earth? Do I need to do this to prove to her that she will be with me forever?

Will she care? I am shook.

4. This One Is Just As Good In Black And White

This is purebred madness right here. I mean let's set aside the fact that this dog is insanely cute for just a minute, if that's even possible... look at those dog bangs whisping around in the wind! I am in love with this little furry tater tot. I salute the owner of this tattoo for her love and commitment, and the artist for her ability to perfectly capture the noble spirit of this little guy. He will forever be the love of my life that I never met.

5. This One Is School Portrait Worthy

What I love most about this one is it looks like the owner took the dog's school photos to the tattoo artist and said, "I would like an exact replication of one of these, please."

6. This Pup Should Get His Own Crest

Have you ever seen so much love in one creature's eyes? This dog was probably an Instagram model in another life, and probably a Libra in this one, because the owner knew how to honor her with respect, beauty, and love.

7. Small And Simple

A tiny tattoo for a tiny little puppy. I relate to this dog. She's got an expression on her face like the one I would have if my boyfriend came home with a portrait of me on his arm. Do I like this? I'm not sure... actually, I'm a little creeped out.

In fact, this makes me cranky. Now I'm under a lot of emotional pressure to stay with you forever.