Squad Goals: 7 Cocktails Perfect For You And Your Crew All Summer Long

We hold these summertime truths to be self-evident:

There's no such thing as “getting too much sun” (as long as you're wearing sunblock, of course).

Packing for a trip in the summer is soooo much easier than packing for a winter vacation.

Summer holds the best memories and get-togethers for any friend group.

And the best cocktails are served during the summer.

When you put all of these truths together, you start understanding why you're always so excited for the summer to arrive. You literally count down the days until your dreams of relaxing in the sun are a reality. All you want is to sit with your friends on someone's deck, chill music playing in the background, participating in a great conversation.

The cocktail in your hand even tastes better in the summer, when flavors many of us love — hello, pineapple and grapefruit — are there for the taking.

But even your crew's summer cocktail game can fall into a rut. You need to switch it up and take advantage of everything the summer has to offer.

To make that challenge easier, here are seven cocktails that will up your game and keep you and your squad refreshed all summer long.

Sourced Piña Colada

There is a reason that an entire song was written about piña coladas: They are at the top of the list when it comes to classic summer cocktails.

When you're on vacation with your squad, elevate your piña coladas by mixing Smirnoff Sourced Pineapple Vodka, coconut water, coconut cream and lime juice. You can drink the combo on the rocks or throw the ingredients in a blender until it's nice and smooth.

Rosé Punch

Last summer, rosé officially became the trendiest wine on the planet. But when you and your crew are hanging on a rooftop this year, you're going to want something more exciting than a glass of pink-hued wine. Enter: rosé punch.

Just soak your favorite fruits in a dry rosé overnight — I prefer stone fruits like peaches and nectarines — and then add triple sec and sugar before you serve. Your friends will thank you for taking their rosé to the next level.

Watermelon-Basil Margaritas

Every adult knows it isn't a true fiesta until the margaritas come out.

Instead of the traditional lime flavor, why don't you try a watermelon-basil margarita? The sweetness of the watermelon contrasted with the earthiness of the basil is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Your friends will be endlessly impressed when they see the watermelon ice cubes and the basil garnish on the side.

Sourced Sangria

Is there any adult in this world who doesn't like sangria? If so, I have yet to meet that person.

Red wine sangria is a great alternative to the aforementioned rosé punch when you need something a little more mellow.

Sangria is the perfect blend of alcohol, wine, juice and fruit. Use a base of Smirnoff Sourced Cranberry Apple Vodka and a dry red wine. Then add club soda, orange juice, simple syrup and cut-up apples and oranges.

Tequila Sunrise

When you're hosting your crew for a summer soirée, you're going to want to impress them with a cocktail that not only looks beautiful, but also tastes amazing.

Enter the tequila sunrise. Your friends will be non-stop Instagramming these drinks, as long as you prepare them in tall glasses AND in this order: ice, tequila, orange juice and grenadine.

Sea Breeze

You and your friends are going to want a cocktail whose name evokes summer as soon as you hear it.

And if there's a cocktail whose name makes you think of sitting on a dock, as the wind flows through your hair and the sun kisses your skin, then the sea breeze is it.

With an easy combination of vodka and the juices of a cranberry, grapefruit and lime, you'll feel that salty air no matter where you find yourself this summer.

Pomegranate Daiquiri

Sometimes you're at a girls' night, and you're craving the most feminine of drinks. Something pink, something with an umbrella.

That occasion calls for some pomegranate daiquiris. It's a far simpler recipe than it sounds — rum, pomegranate and lime juice, mixed with Smirnoff Sourced Cranberry Apple Vodka — and it looks super girly and high-end.

Of course, your boyfriends will show up and want some too, because nobody can deny a drink as delicious as this.