5 Reasons Chile Is The Indulgent Food Paradise For Millennial Travelers

by Jennifer Everett

When thinking of vacation spots, many Millennials consider going to Europe to see the Eiffel Tower or to Southeast Asia to go scuba diving. If they are thinking of checking out South America, then Millennials will usually choose Brazil as the destination.

Well, I’m here to tell you that Chile is the traveler’s best kept secret, and it's the perfect escape for any Millennial looking to go off the grid. Here are the five reasons you should skip the Eurotrip and head down south:

1. Pisco

Ah, pisco. It's the liquor you can consume many ways. But, the most popular version is piscola, consisting of pisco — and you guessed it — Coca-Cola.

The second most popular way to enjoy pisco is with a lemonade mixture called pisco sour. A pisco blanco is the last way that people enjoy it. Just mix pisco with Sprite or ginger ale, and voila! Being that it is much more tolerable than any other liquor, drink carefully, fellow gringos.

2. Reggaeton

Do you remember “Gasoline” by Daddy Yankee? Yep, that’s reggaeton. So no, it has nothing to do with reggae music.

It’s more like Latin hip-hop mixed with a bit of salsa that has its own rhythm with rapping and singing. Point blank, it is so much easier to dance to than the music that plays in American clubs.

Ladies, you can actually move your hips, and the guys will spin you around. You won't have to push off the guy who's trying to come up behind you to dry hump your ass.

3. Street Food

Let’s be honest: I really should have called this drunk food. After a night of downing piscolas, everybody stops at his or her favorite food stand before grabbing a cab.

What’s on the menu? There are churros, but not like Spanish churros. These have a caramel-like filling.

Don’t have a sweet tooth? Then there are empanadas that have like eight different sauces to throw on top of them.

There are also kabobs, of course. Then, there is the big kahuna: the completo. The completo is a hot dog with avocado (called palta), sour cream and salsa. You can even find foot-long completos at some stands.

4. Hiking

This is the best way to de-toxify from all that pisco. It is amazing that you can be here during the summer and be hiking through snow.

The Andes are enormous, and they just blow your mind. Besides, you also have the Atacama Desert up north to check out, and there’s also some serious hiking to do in Patagonia down south. Bring tons of water not just because you're hungover, but also because the climate is dry AF here.

5. Asados

These events are better than anything you’ll attend in the US. It’s like the better version of a barbecue.

They start around 11pm, and you cook one steak at a time on the grill. Someone is delegated to take the plate filled with cut-up pieces of steak around to the guests as they’re sipping on their piscolas.

Sometimes there are also chorrillanas, which are french fries with meat and eggs. Yum! You eat, drink and dance to reggaeton all night long.

However, I do have one more thing to add. Even if you happen to know Spanish like a badass, Chileans have their own version of Spanish called "Chilenismos," which includes words like "po" and "weon."

Wondering what these words mean? Po doesn't even have a meaning. They just throw it on the end of sentences. Weon means dude, but it also kind of means f*cker, so don't call everyone you meet weon.

These are only five reasons why you should visit Chile. On arrival, you will probably realize 20 more, but I think that this is just enough to convince you to buy a plane ticket.