Why Only You Can Be The Captain Of Your Ship

by Kate Wolff

We often give away our power and let ourselves be swayed by how others think our lives should look, but it is impossible for anyone but you to know what you should be doing.

Even when someone means well by offering advice, it’s super important you follow your own instinct as to what you should be doing and what choices you should make.

That doesn’t mean you can’t ever take advice, but just remember, you’re ultimately the only one who can know what will truly work for you.

Here are some reminders as to why you are the only one who can know how your path is supposed to look:

1. Only You Know Your Truth

You are seriously the only one who knows what is best for you. We can use our emotions as a guidance system to help us decide what we want to do, and it’s all about following your highest excitement.

The only person who knows what you are feeling is you. So, it’s truly impossible for anyone else to know what path you are meant to take — even if the path is not what you or anyone else expects it to be.

2. You Often Have To Go To Certain Depths To Make Changes

Loved ones often want to spare us the deep emotional pain of being let down. But often, through experiencing hurt, we are able to make real changes in our lives.

I've had to hit rock bottom several times in my life before being able to decide it was enough.

Without reaching those kinds of depths, I never would have had the motivation to take my life in a new direction.

So, when people try to protect you from making “bad” decisions, they mean well, but they might be hindering your growth.

3. You Can’t Compare Yourself To Others

We often compare our own paths to others because we think we're supposed be a certain way.

We have to drop these expectations we have for ourselves and just let our journeys be what they are. We all have a very distinct journey that is meant for just ourselves.

We should try to embrace who we truly are and celebrate our uniqueness. Suffering often stems from denying our true nature.

The more we allow ourselves to be who we truly are, the less emotional pain we’ll experience.

4. Guilt Is Not Your Friend

We hate letting people down, so many of us make choices that will make other people happy even if we aren’t.

When you deny your own happiness for the sake of others, you are hurting everyone. It’s brave to put yourself first because society does not teach us to do so.

We live in a society of fake martyrs where we live for everyone else. But, the truth is, if you heal yourself, you heal the world.

It’s scarier to exercise your power and make decisions that will benefit you because then, you will have to take action and you run the risk of being disappointed. But, nothing is scarier than not taking that leap.

When you follow your soul, you give others permission to do the same. So, be brave and go for it!

5. Lovingly Detaching Is Crucial

When you decide to start following your own gut instincts, it becomes necessary to build healthy boundaries. You will find that many people in your life have a negative impact on you and have been swaying away from your soul.

Remember, they are only doing this out of their own fears and rules they’ve created for themselves. It will become crucial for you to create some space so their voices will no longer be in your head.

To do this, you’ll need to lovingly detach from many people in your life.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have any contact with them; although, sometimes, that may be the case. But, when someone is taking you away from your truth, it’s so important to remember where he or she stops and you begin.

6. Choice Is Everything

Everything we encounter is about choice. We create our own rules and get to decide what we want to do. There is truly no “right” or “wrong.”

We have to put labels on things to determine their worth. It all leads to the same thing.

We are all discovering who we truly are, and what we prefer in life. Sometimes, you first have to experience what you don’t prefer before you can discover what you do.

All of us have to experience things many define as “negative,” and it's important to remember that the term "negative" doesn't mean "bad."

Negativity is just a spiritual catalyst, like a battery of sorts because you can't have positive without the negative. It propels movement and without it, there is only stagnation.

So, be brave and keep going. Only you can create the path you’re meant to walk.