My Biological Clock Is Freezing: Inside The Complex Choice Of Waiting

by Jessica Schirripa

Once upon a time, Marisa Tomei tapped her foot rhythmically to the speed of her slow-paced biological clock in her famously iconic role as Mona Lisa Vito in a cinematic classic, "My Cousin Vinny."

Never would I have imagined the scene to reflect my own empathy turned sympathy.

As I approach the last year of my 20s single, yet hopeful and career driven, the pressure of deciding what I want for my future and when I want it can become an overwhelming thought.

As a female, many people expect me to prioritize the idea of finding love and having a family to be first and foremost, but is that smart these days?

Although independence and stability are something I strive for on my own terms, I'd be lying if I said I'm only focused on making one dream at a time come true.

I'm simply your average maturing woman; I want it all.

I can't wait to be a mom, but I need to be ready for the sake of my prospective uterus dwellers.

That means I'm not settling for anything less than butterflies, financial security and the required level of selflessness.

You know, your standard recipe for being a responsible parent.

However, who comfortably has all of those things in order before the age of 35 these days?

Life circumstances and timelines certainly are not what they used to be.

It's a complex, modern-day conflict dividing social, political and cultural issues with a potential scientific solution.

Egg freezing is a regularly new advancement in informative fertility options, but now more and more companies are signing up to participate in enrollment benefit packages for their female employees.

Tech companies like Facebook and Apple were the first to confirm their acceptance of insurance for egg freezing because they have a stronger need to hire more ladies.

The appeal of this plan is to create attractive perks in the workforce.

By design, it is meant to provide women with more freedom in their personal life choices without hearing the ticking sound in their ears.

This way, they can essentially build their careers.

Although, by offering "eggsurance," most progressive companies are still only acknowledging a great, but small piece of a much bigger puzzle.

It's one which requires direct support, flexibility and caregiving.

Since egg freezing is a revolutionary procedure, many are protesting it's seemingly positive intentions.

If a woman delays her key childbearing years simply because she now has the opportunity to, are employers then more likely to take advantage of her dedication?

By investing in the key elements that allow an extension for childbearing years, females actually become more valuable and more of an asset than ever before.

The bottom line is there are always two opposite ends of a spectrum.

Reproductive technology still needs to be reviewed responsibly.

Just because I have been allotted more time, I shouldn't automatically feel obliged to give the power of my time right back to my employer.

Ultimately, that defeats the purpose of trying to solve the balance.

There are other factors to consider.

After all, men have clocks, too.

Often, they ignore their strongest and healthiest biological period capsule.

For instance, with each passing year, sperm increasingly contributes to defective genetic mutations, allegedly adding to a child's risk of disorders.

Not to mention, the older individuals are when they initially conceive, the more they may struggle managing their everyday lives while supporting growing kids.

Often, people become more tired and even weaker in health as they get older (there is no secret there).

Primitively speaking, egg freezing is an amazing innovation.

It's one to watch evolve, one to be open-minded to as an alternative or even one as a solution.

Women should just always be aware of the motivation behind this shift and what it inevitably may mean for their overall lifestyle choices.

I'm extremely thankful to have positive developments that may continuously benefit my childbearing chances in the long term.

But, I always want to be mindful to not procrastinate obtaining the things I really want for myself simply to establish my career.

Truth be told, time is not promised.

That's what makes it the most compelling force to be reckoned with in the world.

Egg freezing grants the ability to sustain reproducing as controllable, but unfortunately, one can not freeze time, age or health.