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The Best Way To Score A Second Date With Each Sign Of The Zodiac

by Emily Anne

Dating is a part of every young adults' life, with arguably the most exciting aspect being the first few dates. The dinner, the movie, and possibly the kiss (or more) when saying goodbye. After that first date, you can't get that person out of your head- you must see them again! Did you make a good impression? Well there's no surefire way to know how your chemistry is, but studying astrology can definitely shed some light on our dating desires. Depending on your date's zodiac sign, they're looking for certain traits in others. Here are the best ways to score a second date with each zodiac sign:

Aries- Take Care of Them

It sounds simple, but then again so are Aries! Being the first sign, they are the babies of the zodiac. Aries love when people play with them, make them laugh, and keep them stimulated.

An Aries' needs are pretty basic; if they're grumpy they're probably hungry; when they're mad, wait 20 minutes. Let them chase you a little, and let them win (they like winning). If you're all this plus you're good-looking, you got yourself a second date.

Taurus – No B.S.

Taurus may be the bull of the zodiac, but they hate bullsh*t and those who spew it. If you want a second date with a Taurus, be yourself and tell it like it is.

Taurus hates surprises, lies, and fronts. They just want a down-to-earth person who can enjoy good food, good conversation, and good times -- without any puffery or swagger. Your honesty will let Taurus know that they can be real in return, and everyone needs a real Taurus in their life.

Gemini- Be Complicated

Gemini is one of the hardest signs to understand, especially in dating. They love chatting, flirting, pontificating, etc. so if you can keep up with their mind, chances are they'll like you a lot. What they really appreciate is someone to keep them a little grounded, challenged, and on their toes.

Don't be a totally open book, keep something about yourself private. Ask Gemini something direct that they can't talk their way around. If you get inside their brain somehow, chances are you'll get a second date.

Cancer- Make Them Comfortable

Our little crabs can be shy on the first date, but you can bet they want a second date if you let them emerge from their shell on their own terms. Let Cancer get to know you, even though it may be unbalanced at first; they know a lot about you before you know much about them.

Eventually Cancer will let you in and you'll find out how funny and sweet they are. Keep the dates classic and intimate and you'll have Cancer in the palm of your hand.

Leo- Leave Them Wanting More

If you want a second date with a Leo, you have to be sweet, but coy. When courting a Leo, the chase is all part of the fun -- especially for Leo women. (Think about lionesses in the wild; they do all the hunting!)

Leos are so used to being admired, that when they interact with someone who isn't totally enamored with their vibrancy, they are fascinated and take it as a challenge. Of course, don't play mind games or anything; just let Leo chase you a bit. Cats love playing with their food.

Virgo- Take Control

To get a second date with a Virgo, let them know that you are competent and have things under control. Virgos are usually the designated drivers, the medics, the responsible friends of the world. They get so tired of worrying about everyone else while no one seems to consider how they feel; what if they want to get sloppy drunk for once?

Virgos love escaping from the day-to-day and indulging, especially with an attractive date. Take the reins from Virgo so they can finally let go and have fun, and you will get a second date.

Libra- Just Ask

Librans are the Romeos and Juliets of the zodiac; they love the idea of love. Dating is their forte. If you want a second date with Libra – tell them that you like them and want to see them again.

Libra will be flattered and will want another opportunity to be flattered again. Speak strongly, certainly, and believe in yourself. Because Librans can be passive, they really appreciate people who come right out and say how they feel- especially if how they feel is complimentary. If Libra likes you back, getting a second date with them will be cake.

Scorpio- Get Deep

Scorpios are much more comfortable in committed, established relationships, so they aren't crazy about meeting new people. They like knowing the deets on everybody before they make a move. If you want a second date with Scorpio, let them in a little. They are deeply scared of being hurt or wronged, especially by potential lovers.

Tell Scorpio something personal/secretive to show them that you are willing to be vulnerable with them. Your openness will inspire confidence, and the cautious Scorpio will want to see you again. Just be sure not to break the date. Scorpios don't forget.

Sagittarius- Be More Stable Than Them

It's not terribly hard. Sagittarius is a whirlwind of a person, so they need someone that can hold down the fort but not be a downer. It can be difficult since their fire is really contagious. Be open-minded, don't judge them (or anyone for that matter), and be present with them.

Sag loves learning, teaching, and growing -- but their endless energy and optimism occasionally needs a dose of realism. Find that delicate balance and Sagittarius will likely call you out of the blue and set a date for tomorrow.

Capricorn- Be Funny

Oddly enough, our little business people of the zodiac absolutely adore goofy people. Capricorns need other people to lighten their mood and show them that it's not that serious. Being ruled by heavy, responsible Saturn, the goat of the zodiac tends to take things very seriously.

Let them be silly and get weird with them- they desperately need it. Chances are, Capricorn will appreciate your presence and schedule another date on the spot.

Aquarius – Be Unique

Aquarius is the weirdo of the zodiac, even if they don't look like it on the outside. Do something on the first date that will be memorable and unique so they have a good story to tell their friends (of which they have a lot, Aqua is the sign of friendship). Show them your nerdy, unashamed side and they will be much more likely to set a second date. Extra points if you're smart, aware of world events, and able to introduce them to new groups/music/experiences.

Pisces – Need Them

As our last sign, Pisces can feel the emotions of every other sign that came before them. Because of this almost psychic empathy, they can be attracted to those in pain or those that need help. Pisces loves when you tell them your deepest fears or what makes you mad because if they like you, they want to help you heal. If you want a second date with Pisces, just ask to have a wine night, a night-in of watching movies, or a venting session. They will happily be your shoulder to rest on.

If you want an even more detailed look at your or your partner's astrological love-life, you can also find Moon, Venus, and the descendant in the natal chart (I like CafeAstrology for the simpler list form and Astrotheme for wheel form). These more in-depth readings can show the deeper self, and might be more accurate than just the sun sign.