6 Best College Dates To Plan With Your Sister When She Visits This Fall

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Whether you're heading off to your freshman or senior year of college, it can be emotional if you're super close with a sister who you'll be leaving behind. Yes, just the thought of it is quite tormenting. Luckily, distance means nothing when it comes to your sisterhood, so frequent visits are in the near future. Whether your sister is older or younger, her presence is certainly needed at some point during the school year for your sanity's sake. If you're away from home, get ready to share what you've discovered so far with your partner in crime. You two can have fun just about anywhere, so a college campus or atmosphere is not exempt. There are plenty of options for best college dates to go on with your sister when she visits you on campus this fall.

It will be great to walk around campus with your sister and give her a taste of your college life. Clearly, it would be better if she was there with you all the time, but you'll appreciate any bonding time you can get. Sister dates are important. They're literally more valuable than most other dates you'll ever go on. So, to show your appreciation of your sister and the time you two spend together, consider planning a few of these adorable dates for her campus visit.

1. Give Her A Tour Of Your School

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OK, this might sound a little cheesy, but I'm sure your sister would want to see your stomping grounds. If she's younger than you, she'll get a kick out of what's most likely in store for her education-wise. And if she is older than you, you can give her some college life nostalgia.

2. Hit Up The Best Happy Hour Spot Near Campus

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Every college has that one place most students who are 21 and up go to get booze at a cheaper or discounted price. You and your older sister can sip on some of your favorites, and link up with friends you hang out with often. Chances are, your sister will have so much fun getting to know your college friends over some brews.

3. Grab A Coffee At Your Favorite Cafe

Whether you're a coffee or a tea person, in college, you always have a favorite place to get your caffeine fix. Coffee shops also serve as your study place, so you probably know the staff. Your sister will certainly appreciate sipping on a Pumpkin Spice Latte while catching up with her bestie.

4. Have A Lunch Date At Your Go-To Foodie Place

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Finding your favorite food spot on campus is literally a pre-calculated ritual every college student has. Taking your sister to your favorite food truck or sandwich shop will not only be fun, but delicious. Don't act like you're not drooling over all of the possibilities.

5. Head To A Fun Local Attraction

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There's always some kind of attraction around a college campus. Whether it's a museum, mall, amusement park, or farmers market, you and your sister are all over it. OK, maybe malls are everywhere, but clearly they don't have all the same stores, right?

6. Take Her To A Game

Even if you aren't super into sports, college somehow gets you in the spirit to go and show your support at a game. Taking your sister to a football or basketball game will majorly get you in the mood to chant for your school's team. Hasn't she always been the perfect hype woman? Spending time with your sister while you're away at college will give you a little piece of home. She's everything you need to remember what you always have waiting for you once you get that degree -- family.