Why Being a Perfectionist Isn't So Bad

Constantly wanting everything to be seamless is certainly not easy. Many say being a perfectionist is a choice and it’s as easy as taking one more breath, but I’d like to argue and say that's not the case.

In fact, this desire for everything to go seamlessly lends itself toward the idea of being a characteristic. We didn’t choose the perfectionist life; the perfectionist life chose us.

If it doesn’t match, we can’t wear it. If we didn’t review it more than twice, it isn’t finished. And we get worked up over the smallest things because if we or a product of us falls short, the "what ifs" eat us alive. We also tend to be criers, but that’s an entirely separate topic.

However despite all of that, I’ve also come to the conclusion that there are plenty of benefits from growing up with your panties in a metaphorical bunch.

Whether you’ve hit a wall of freedom or if you still have that tick for the unblemished, you’ve been sculpted as a certain type of person, one who isn’t all that bad.

Your planning skills are what make the world go round, or at least your weekends.

You have no problem stepping in and scheduling times, locations, routes, modes of transportation and plans B and C for you and your friends.

Quite frankly, it appears that without your incredible outlining, it is possible you may never actually go anywhere.

Indecisiveness is the root of all evil.

Budgeting is child’s play.

Apps? Websites? No need. Throw some numbers into an excel sheet and we are good to go. Our bills are paid on time (and by on time, I mean early), and we are in constant control of our cash flow.

We set attainable goals for ourselves, and likely come in short of the budget. I, for one, like to make it a game. How close can I get to that exact dollar mark I’ve budgeted for coffee!?

Keeps me young, man.

Things tend to be far more exciting.

As people who are always in control, moments of spontaneity are far more exhilarating.

The rush of changing from sweats to that new shirt we’ve been dying to wear, and hitting the town all within an hour sends chills down our spines. How long we actually stay out is another story, but hey, that’s a technicality.

We present ourselves in a way that seems to be laced with a sense of confidence, and it’s something others notice.

If we are actually as confident as we seem may be up in the air; however, the presentation itself cannot be mistaken. It’s likely due to the amount of time we spend crafting each and everything we do.

We become so attached to this product, tangible or not, that when it’s time to go public, we are more than ready. We carry with us pride that’s often well-deserved.

There’s this desire to explore and to experience the world from someone else’s shoes.

We get so wrapped up in our own lives, our own projects and our own worlds that we forget there are people out there who don’t recognize this “process” of living we are in.

Often this itch just needs to be scratched and off we go. Whether it’s running away for the weekend, acting out of character or making an impulsive decision, we plant ourselves in another situation for a minute. And with it comes a breath of fresh air.

As taxing as it can be, and often irritating, perfectionism is something that isn’t as optional as it seems. As a kid, it was constantly brought to my attention that I was uptight and needed to relax.

What I didn’t know is that what appeared to be an obnoxious amount of stress and concern was actually the foundation to what is now a beautiful lifestyle.

Embrace what you’re given, and from it, extract the positive. You’ll thank yourself later.