7 Bedtime Routines That'll Make You Feel Completely Refreshed In The Morning

by Lauren

It's no secret that our days are busy and our nights are rushed.

A full night of sleep before work isn't always likely for young professionals, new parents and Millennials in general.

But, there are ways to improve your evenings so you wake up refreshed the following morning.

Trying these nighttime routines can make all the difference the following day. No matter your schedule, try these quick tips.

1. Prepare your meals ahead of time.

Sure, most of us rush out the door in the morning with a coffee in hand and nothing in our stomachs, but it's also a pretty easy habit to avoid.

Each night after dinner, pack a breakfast and lunch to get you through the following day.

No elaborate meal prep is required; you can start your day off on the right foot with something simple like fruit or a protein-packed snack.

2. Cut out all caffeine consumption after dinner.

OK, we know it's hard.

Working late nights or sitting in long hours of traffic can make it tempting to reach for a cup of coffee (or five), but that doesn't guarantee a sound sleep.

Avoid waking up with dark circles under your eyes by setting a time to stop consuming any caffeinated beverages and sugary snacks.

A specific time can vary depending on your schedule, but no less than six hours before bed is a healthy suggestion.

3. Plan your outfit for the next day.

How many times do you change your outfit before you head out the door?

If the answer is "too many to count," you'll save tons of time by adding this step to your bedtime routine.

Set aside some time to put together an outfit, try on some new ideas from your closet or iron anything that looks even slightly wrinkled.

If you want to take off more stress, plan your clothes for the week each Sunday instead.

4. Set aside time to journal.

Spending a few minutes writing can prevent you from lying awake at night with stress on the brain.

Use this time to not only reflect on the day, but also to plan for tomorrow.

A great way to do this involves writing three things to accomplish within the next 24 hours to get your mind on the right track.

5. Kill the lights (yes, this includes electronics).

It's easier said than done for most of us, but turning off Netflix and any other bright screens will stop you from being distracted from a good night's sleep.

Rather than turning on the TV, try reading a book, and if needed, turn on some relaxing music for background noise.

Whatever you do, don't get caught up in the depths your cell phone. That "one last text" can easily lead to a 2 am YouTube binge-watching session.

6. Make sure you have all the support you need from your bed.

Even if you don't have a memory foam bed, that doesn't mean you can't have a comfortable night of sleep (no matter what those mattress ads say).

Bring on the blankets, fluff up the pillows and do whatever else you need to do to stay comfy.

7. Meditate.

When you finally lie down for the night, you can shut off any excess inner chatter through meditation.

You don't need any other distractions to keep you from sleeping, so there are a few simple ways you can go about this.

Try some aromatherapy by incorporating essential oils into your space, such as adding a few drops of chamomile to your pillowcase or spritzing your bed sheets with lavender spray.

Keep a steady breathing pattern to help you relax your body. Start by making yourself yawn, and then maintain deep breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth.

Give these suggestions a go, and see how you feel when the alarm clock goes off.

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