6 Gorgeous Above-The-Knee Wedding Dresses For The Casual Bride On A Budget


There are a lot of expectations when it comes to being a bride. Most of which will revolve around what you're going to wear, because duh, it's your day to be the center of attention. For any laid-back bride who's planning a wedding on a budget, you don't plan on spending an astronomical amount on a dress, and you want to be incredibly comfortable. Looking for above-the-knee wedding dresses is a perfect idea for a casual bride, and many styles won't make your bank account cry.

There's nothing wrong with being a casual bride and wanting things to be simple. Weddings certainly have a way of turning even the most content women into monstrous bridezillas... and nobody wants that. Above-the-knee wedding dresses can be just as beautiful as a long gown, and much more affordable. The goal here is to get married, so if you can manage to make it down the aisle in a bathrobe and say "I do," you have literally succeeded.

Again, organizing a wedding on a budget takes some tactful planning and if you're the bride, your dress really has to be the first priority. Women, just like dresses, come in all different styles and personalities. Ultimately, it's about finding a dress that pairs well with who you are, and of course, something you are incredibly comfortable slaying the aisle in. It's true that you pick the dress, but in some way, it actually picks you as well. When you know, you just know. If you're looking to save your wallet from oblivion, get your hands on a few of these above-the-knee styles.

1. Short-Sleeved And Lacey

David's Bridal

Short Sleeve Lace Knee Length Dress, $49.99, David's Bridal 

Short or long, lace goes with almost any style you can think of. You still acquire that graceful style and look like a total queen. The future hubby or wife at the end of the aisle won't know what to do with you, because you'll be such a stunning vision in lace.

2. Short Lace Dress With Mesh

David's Bridal

Short Lace Dress with Sheer Mesh Overlay, $49.99, David's Bridal 

That half shoulder design is just too cute. Just because you're working with a little bit less as far as length is concerned, that doesn't mean you still can't get creative with the top. This particular style is super chic, and the mesh makes it come full-circle.

3. Mini Dress With A Fishtail Finish

David's Bridal

Illusion Lace Mini Dress with Fishtail Hem, $99.95, David's Bridal 

That fishtail in the back literally makes this dress so lively. Expect to see a little extra swish in your walk as this fishtail follows your every move. Dancing at the reception just got that much more fun.

4. Short Cape Dress


Calvin Klein Crepe Cape Dress, $149.00, Macy's 

Hey, didn't you always say you were basically Superwoman? Get your high and mighty on with this cape dress that's the perfect combination of elegant and fashionable. It's like you took the extra material from the bottom and made your own arm capes to slay.

5. Midi Pencil Dress


White Pencil Dress, $170, Etsy

Can we just take a look at this pattern for a hot second? I'm not even sure what that would be called, but it makes this dress seriously pop. That pencil finish is so elegant for your wedding day.

6. High-Low White Bustier Dress


High Low White Dress, $197.05, Etsy

This high low look with the tulle bottom screams enchanting. That little touch of champagne in the bustier sends you right over the edge of drop dead gorgeous. This look is seriously straight out of a fairytale, and fit for a princess.

When choosing the right wedding dress for you, make sure it's something you're ready to remember forever. Don't get too caught up on the dress, though, that's only an accessory to your main focus -- walking down to your new spouse.