9 Things Every Awesome Boyfriend Has Done In The Fall To Fulfill Our Basic Needs

by Tessa Harvey

Let's be honest: Fall is the basic girl's absolute favorite season. The weather pairs perfectly with some snuggle time with bae, plaid wardrobes are killing it, and the food and drinks are pumpkin-flavored everything. What's not to love about this time of year? As you approach cuffing season with a PSL in hand, there are some things boyfriends do for their girlfriends in the fall that deserve to be awarded gold stars. Because, we all have some #basicAF autumnal needs we need to be fulfilled once the leaves change colors.

Woman to woman, let me tell you: If your BF is out there doing these nine things for you, he's most definitely a keeper. I repeat, do not let this dude go. You're going to need his services all fall long, after all.

1. He Brings You Your PSL Without Being Asked

The sign of a truly awesome boyfriend is him bringing your PSL to you, no questions ask. He even knows exactly how you like it, and he splurged and went for the Venti. He doesn't even like it either, so you don't have to share. It's all yours.

2. He Lets You Wear All Of His Just-Oversized-Enough Flannels


He thought it was weird at first, but now he's totally used to you coming out of his room wearing all of his plaid flannels throughout the season. Maybe he doesn't understand why his flannels are better than yours, but he's given up fighting you on it. It's like having a second wardrobe with just fall flannels.

3. He Gets Your Favorite Uggs Out Of Storage

I don't know about you, but there are things I'll do when I have to, but definitely don't enjoy. One of those things is going anywhere inside an attic or storage unit (I can feel the spiders watching me). Luckily, an awesome boyfriend begrudgingly agrees to get your fav Uggs out just in time for you to slay basic season.

4. He Acts As Your Seasonal Instagram Husband

Jakob Owens/Unsplash

OK, so a bomb boyfriend kind of does this on the reg, but fall is truly the season where he needs to step up his game. The fall weather and food bring endless opportunity of 'Grammable moments, and you know he's (kind of) ready for each one. Even if you're directing him for the right shot each time, he's your personal photographer.

5. He Lets Your Apple Spice Candles Burn 24/7

Every basic girl knows a fall day at home isn't complete without the cozy blanket and a fall candle or two burning. TBH, there's something so much better about fall candles than candles in any other season. You're pretty sure your BF actually likes the candles, too.

6. He Helps You Carry The Biggest Pumpkin Out Of The Patch

John Silliman

An awesome boyfriend knows the value and importance of getting the best pumpkin in the patch. He's dedicated, and once the two of you find the pumpkin of your dreams, you have the perfect partner to help carry it. You both stagger back, holding either side of your humongous pumpkin. Now that's true love.

7. He Carves Said Pumpkin While You Watch And Listen To T. Swift

As basic girls, no mater how much we claim to be too cool for Taylor Swift, we can't help jamming out to her new music. Fall's the season of T. Swift; and if there's a new album, you know your BF is going to let you blast it all hours of the day. He might even sing along.

8. He Acts As Your Shopping Cart On Black Friday

Your BF knows the importance of a good deal, and he's there to help you beat the crowds and get the sales at 2 a.m. on Black Friday. He'll distract people while you run for the gold. At the very least, you have someone to help carry all of your bags.

9. He Pretends He Isn't Annoyed When You Buy Pumpkin-Everything

Artur Rutkowski/Unsplash

In the fall, pumpkin becomes a staple food item on every basic girl's food list. You just truly cannot get enough of it. Though he may be screaming on the inside, he puts up with your obsession and dutifully eats pumpkin ravioli, pumpkin pie, and the various other pumpkin-related recipes you find on Pinterest.