We Would Totally Go See These #MakeAFilmAwesomelyAmerican Movies

by Talia Koren
Columbia Pictures

In honor of Independence Day when we celebrate all things America, people on Twitter are creating ultra-American versions of our favorite movies.

The results are hilarious. Using the hashtag #MakeAFilmAwesomelyAmerican, people are adding the best spins on everything from "Wall-E" to "Gone With The Wind."

If these super American movies actually existed, we'd have the best Fourth of July movie marathon in the making.

It's not that difficult to make some iconic American movies sound even more American, of course.

Some movies just needed a reference to Donald Trump.

And others just needed an American dessert.

America's history wasn't forgotten, of course.

This would be a much better version than the original "War of the Worlds."

Wondering how this spin would change the ending?

Nerdy and historical.


 Ashton Kutcher would be awesome in this.

This would be the perfect American tale.

What's more American than hot dogs and Quentin Tarantino?

For the record, I would pay money to see all of these. Take note, Hollywood.