Aquarians Are The Most Eccentric Of The Zodiac, Here's How To Embrace It

by Nikhita Mahtani

Honestly guys, I get it: It's HARD being an Aquarius. You're always trying to find your place in this world because you're unabashedly unashamed of being yourself.

You're not the type of person to shy away from confrontation if you think you're right, and you have NO problem going off the beaten path if you think you're going to find something amazing there.

In short, you're fucking weird.

While it can be easy to shy away from your eccentricities in the fear they'll make people not like you or ostracize you from your group of friends, I want you to know one thing: There's absolutely NOTHING wrong with you.

Trust me: I've been there. I pretty much spent my entire adolescent life trying to "fit in" and be part of the "cool girl" crowd. (High school, am I right?)

But honestly, all it did was make me miserable.

Did I have friends? Yes.

Did I really LIKE any of them? Not really, TBH.

I was more interested in having my weird AF conversations and discussing things that honestly weren't everyone's cup of tea. It was only after I fully embraced who I was that I found my people... and yes, they're all pretty strange in the BEST ways.

So, whether you're interested in unknown indie films, Reiki or whatever other odd hobby you just came across, promise me you'll OWN it. Here are the reasons why:

1. Know that your weirdness only makes you interesting.

So, you just got all interested in a weird book or study that makes no sense to the people around you. I have been there MANY TIMES.

But honestly, that's what makes you interesting. You're always coming across little tidbits and getting into things people have no idea about... until they become the next big thing, that is.

But you were there first, imparting knowledge and sharing your eccentricities with anyone who will listen. And that's WAY better than talking about the weather.

2. You have no problem thinking for yourself or sticking up for your beliefs.

The humanitarian of the Zodiac, Aquarians have strong beliefs. They're always looking to better the world, and always believe the best in people.

So, no matter what your cause is, know it's important. It matters... and so do you. Your strong beliefs are just another reason to love you.

3. Only the best can understand you.

You're going to say things and do things that not everybody is going to understand. You're going to confuse people, and that's just the way you are.

Guille Faingold

But the ones you want in your life are the people who'll GET your weirdness and love you not DESPITE of it, but BECAUSE of it. They're the ones who'll stay up with you all night, laughing at your craziness and loving everything you're saying.

4. You're innovative AF.

Your eccentricities give you some really great thinking skills, Aquarius. You love to think out of the box, and you don't shy away from doing things YOUR way.

Your creative skills will get you places, and you should completely embrace that.

5. You always want to learn more about the world around you.

Aquarians are air signs, which means they're constantly looking for mental stimulation. Being an Aquarius means you're always curious about the way things work... and this MAY make your interests kind of varied (aka, weird).

Don't let someone else shame you into thinking your curiosities aren't valid, though. Your inquisitive nature is only making you smarter in the long run.

6. Taking the road less traveled will lead to some AMAZING opportunities.

If you follow what the rest of the world is doing, you're only going to get what the rest of the world is getting. You'll never build your own path if you keep chasing after other people, Aquarius.

But if you do you and go after what you want in your own crazy, original way, who knows? You might find something extraordinary waiting for you.

So honestly, fellow Aquarians, everybody is NOT going to like you; your personality is anything but vanilla.

But would you want to be surrounded by those people anyway?

I didn't think so.