5 Apps Every Single Woman Needs For Traveling Solo Across The Globe

Alexander Grabchilev

We are a generation of wanderlust. We recognize we have the ability to pick up our lives, hop on a plane and never look back. So, that's what we end up doing.

We embark on adventures that could lead us anywhere, and that will probably end up leading us everywhere. We see the world and want to experience all of it. Or at the very least, we want to experience as much as we can.

We have this idea that no one and nothing can or should hold us back. This idea breeds a new species of travelers: the solo traveler.

No longer are we traveling in pairs or with huge groups of people. We have picked up on the fact that when you travel alone, you make stronger connections to the places you go to, since you don't tie the place to a person. You tie the place to the part of yourself you found there.

The even better part of this whole solo traveling movement is now, there is an increase in the number of solo female travelers. More and more women are going with the motto "catch flights, not feelings." It's amazing.

We just pack our bags and go. We call up our moms every once in a while (of course). But it's just to check in and tell her about the new cities we're exploring. Honestly, your mom is the only person you need from your past on these kinds of trips.

But with that being said, it doesn't mean we have to do this all by ourselves. Solo doesn't mean without help, and what better way for savvy Millennial female solo travelers to find that extra little nugget of info or support than through apps?

These are five apps every female solo traveler needs to download, like, yesterday:

1. Rendezwho

This is a friendship app geared toward the solo traveler. It matches you with a mystery friend.

The only thing you know about this person is how far away he or she is from you. You can interact with your friend through GIFs, music and even letters. In a sense, this person is like a digital pen pal.

The best part is, as the both of you travel, the distance on the app changes. So, at some point, if you guys happen to cross paths, the app sets up a safe meet up opportunity. Then, voila: You have a new friend who also loves traveling and making new connections, just like you do.

The app is currently in 92 different countries, which means your match and adventure could lead you anywhere. So, once you get to a new place, you already have a connection with someone there.

2. Magpie

This is a website created to connect women with other travelers. It's like a travelers' club, but it's for women only. The site is set up as a cross between Facebook and Pinterest, with the common thread that it's all about traveling and connecting with other women.

Once you create an account with Magpie, the site asks you to check off some of your interests. You get to pick things like pet lover, designer, solo traveler, etc. Depending on the categories you express interest in, Magpie puts you into communities of other women with the same interests.

Another cool feature of the site is you can search by location. Say you're traveling to San Francisco, and you really want to have someone show you all the hidden gems of the city. To do this, simply log on to Magpie and type in the location.

A whole community of women who live in San Francisco will come up. They can give you ideas about what you can see or do while in town, and they can even meet up with you at some point during your trip.

3. BlackJet

This organization is a private jet company that offers the luxuries of flying privately at the price of flying commercially. So basically, it will look like the Kardashians are rolling up in their fancy AF jet when really, it's really just you and a couple of other BlackJet members.

Some people are even calling it the Uber of airline travel. But for real, the best part isn't the fact that you'll look super fly stepping out of a private jet. The best part is, because each jet has fewer passengers, you save a ton of time. Fewer people have to be boarded, which means less baggage and less fuss.

Let's be honest: Who doesn't want to fly on a private jet at least once?

4. Hitlist

Hitlist is an app that makes traveling cheaper. It's pretty simple: All you have to do is pick a destination, and the app will notify you of any deals it might find. By creating an account, you can also create lists of places you would like to go and places you have already been, ie. your “hit list.”

There is also a social aspect to the app: You can connect with friends and see where they're going, what deals they're getting and even which trips they're planning.

5. Triptease

With the idea that “direct is best,” Triptease created a website to make booking hotels more transparent and efficient for all parties involved. Their idea is to make the relationship stronger between the hotels and their guests.

The site uses tools such as price check and enchantment messaging, which shows the best prices directly. You're essentially cutting out the middle man. You interact directly with the hotel, which creates a sense of loyalty.

So, whether your next solo trip is to a new country or to a new world, these apps will totally come in handy at some point.

Keep booking flights, keep traveling and keep taking the world by a storm. Just have a couple of handy apps in your back pocket to make the whole thing a bit smoother.