This Amazing New Blow Dryer Is Scented To Literally Blow Away Your Stress

If you're like me, you will do anything to avoid washing your hair. It's predictable, boring, and tedious AF. This summer, I went five days in Europe without sudsing up my strands, and I still managed to score compliments on my mane everyday. Sad and disgusting, but a true story nonetheless. Also, a real testament to my colorist's talent and the relative nose-blindness of twenty-something boys. A good dry shampoo* is my best friend, but there are still days when I must concede defeat and cast my shower cap aside. So when news broke of the magical Hai Beauty Concepts Stylset scented blow dryer, both me and my hypothetical future boyfriend got really excited: I may actually start washing my hair like a normal person!

This ground-breaking hot tool blasts your hair dry while emitting a soothing, stress-busting jasmine scent. Jasmine is a mild, non-offensive white flower frequently sourced in fragrances, and it's noted for being calming and relaxing. So not only will your tresses become dry to the touch, you will feel like you're in an actual spa or garden in the Himalayas, where the flower is believed to have originated. Raise your hand if you're ready to mentally teleport from your sh*tty bathroom to that scenario.

 In addition to flooding your scalp with sweet-smelling hot air, this blow dryer boasts blue ultraviolet light technology. That means that when you turn it on, it emits a blue UV light that the brand says provides therapeutic benefits. "Known for its healing properties in skincare, the blue UV light conditions the scalp keeping hair shiny and healthy from room to tip," reads a press release on the product.

That aforementioned skincare application is typically apparent in light-up masks and treatments, which utilize red and blue UV lights to both calm inflammation and kill acne bacteria on your face. If you have a device like the Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment ($23; Ulta), you're familiar with blue light. So theoretically, using this dryer may also help prevent pimples on your scalp, if that's an issue for you.

Another point of differentiation is that the dryer lacks the traditional switches for power and heat levels, instead relying on continuous dials."We set out to create a dryer that could be completely personalized to each individual's needs,” says Kristen Collins, Marketing Manager, from HAI Beauty Concepts. “No more high, medium and low restrictions. Our dials allow you to go from extremely low to high powered all with the turn of a dial.” 

Essentially, you can customize precisely how hot and and powerful the wind-action is to suit your prerogative, which is perfect for fans of freestylin'.

Hai Beauty Concepts

The nifty device has all the usual bells and whistles of a premier dryer: negative ions, tourmaline ions, and far-infrared rays to nix static cling and maximize shine. It also offers over-heating protection and a 9-inch cord. Each dryer comes with two nozzles, so you can go hog wild with tailoring the air flow, if that's your jam.

The Hai Beauty Concepts STYLSET Professional Blow Dryer launches today on the brand's website, and it will set you back a cool $140. With the holiday season approaching, this could be the ideal gift for a stressed out sister or mom who often leaves the house with wet hair. Or just a lazy girl who requires additional motivation to shower properly.

* I attribute the success of my European dirty hair bender to the pocket-sized Drybar The Detox Dry Shampoo ($13; Ulta), a miracle worker among us. That, and Stephanie Brown, an amazing colorist at the Nunzio Saviano Salon in NYC, who never fails in her mission to make my hair pretty-in-pink.