7 College Friends Essential To Surviving Four Years In A New Place

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It's that time of year again! Freshmen are overdressed, overjoyed and overzealous about the many (many) years to come, while seniors drag their feet toward their classes to get this sh*t over with.

Ah, college!

No matter what experiences I had in college, my friends made everything 10 times better.

There are two major mistakes I think many people make with friends in college: 1) thinking they're "too cool," and 2) forgetting to make friends of all personalities. When you rid yourself of these (ridiculous) ideas, you allow the real magic to happen.

This is how you make lifelong friends in college. Sure, you'll have those select few who become attached to your hip, but other friends are important to have as well.

Here are seven must-have friends to survive your college career:

The Smart Friend

I know what you're thinking, but you're wrong. The bookworm is a great friend to make while in college.

This friend will be sure to motivate you in your scholastics and responsibilities, but when all the priorities have been taken care of, he or she won't (always) be opposed to a night of hanging out.

You'll learn efficient ways to study, and let's be honest: You are the company you keep.

Your professor will probably be fond of the friendship you have created with one of his best students instead of sitting in the back of the classroom on Facebook with the rest of the slackers.

Don't take this friendship for granted. This friend is sure to succeed not only in college, but in the real world that is yet to come.

The Weird Friend

Before you think you're too cool, calm down; you're not. Do not, for one second, think I'm using the term "weird" in a negative connotation.

This is the person you see on campus who you can't miss; whether it be his bright, eclectic style of dress, her spunky charisma or her artsy-fartsy attitude, you notice.

These people can usually be found writing, drawing or doing something creative, and that is exactly the reason you should get to know them.

They are the artistic, observant types of friends who can show you a lot about other paths of college and life in general. The theater, art, film and music majors have a completely different college experience than those of us who went to school for more book-related fields.

Befriend an artsy person so you can see what that experience is like. Go to school productions, student art shows, film screenings and experience the parts of your school you didn't even know you were missing out on.

On top of that, they're just plain awesome people. God bless the artists.

The Involved Friend

Meet someone who is actually involved with campus life. This could be someone who is on a programming board, in student government or a part of the political science club.

Just find someone who will encourage you to do more on campus.

There are more than enough clubs and activities to be involved in. Even if you don't want to join anything, this type of friend will make sure you get out to a few student events per month, which, let's face it, you're paying for, anyway.

This way, you'll be sure to meet even more people. You might as well get involved! These friends are also really good with time management and staying on top of their classes.

Also, keep in mind if you plan to go Greek, campus involvement is extremely important when it comes to you being recruited.

The Greek Friend

This is a tricky one. I am not talking about the Greek person known for partying way too hard or popular for sleeping around. I am talking about the Greek member who represents his- or herself and his or her organization with honor.

This person is a great friend to have while in college. Even if you do not choose to be a part of the same organization or any Greek organization for that matter, these people are usually very good about all the important things you need in college.

They stay on top of their scholastics, represent some of the best values and have great connections and relationships with many "people to know" around campus.

They make great mentors as well.

The Foreign Friend

This is a must! I loved getting to know people who were from different countries around the world.

I loved learning more about the differences of being in school here in America, versus being in school where they are from. You learn about as much as they're willing to share with you, and they're usually really happy and thankful for a friend who is interested in their culture and customs.

You'll be surprised at how many foreign friends you can make in college, which could lead to a life of great travels.

The Conscious Friend

Find a friend who doesn't only read when he or she has to. Find a friend who challenges professors, and looks deeper into assignments and the material being taught while in class.

Most people don't take too kindly to the student who always raises his or her hand with something to say, but I think this person is a great friend to have because he or she takes the time to question things.

These are the types of people who will keep your gears turning, and they'll be sure to help mold you into the adult you'll be when you leave college.

They are usually very insightful and honest characters. You can make a great study partner and mentor out of this type of friend as well.

The Mentor

This doesn't have to be a student. This can be a professor or someone who works on campus.

I chose a female and male mentor and stuck by them closely. I made sure they knew I looked at them as role models, and when they accepted the responsibility, I made sure to utilize the relationship as much as I could.

I went to lunch with them and talked about any issues I might have had going on. I went to them with questions about schoolwork. I went to them before and after I entered Greek life.

I went to them for pretty much anything I couldn't go to my mom about. You don't have to be that involved, but someone to look up to and keep you on track is important to have when pursuing your college degree.

College is a lot more enjoyable when you have someone to share the experiences with. Don't be too big for people who can make your life better.