7 Important Pieces Of Life Advice From Self-Proclaimed Free-Spirited Girls

In a world of whimsical dresses, wanderlust, and perfectly messy hair, this is going to be really uncool to admit, but here it goes: I don't think I'm a free-spirited girl.

It's not that I wish I weren't. Free-spirited girls think more spontaneously and really live in the moment, while I think about everything in the long-term. I assure you that this kind of mentality stresses me out to no end.

Free-spirited girls effortlessly wear loose skirts and blouses, while my closet is filled with pencil skirts, t-shirts and jeans.

A free-spirited girl's wanderlust inspires her to drop everything and leave, while my wanderlust is cripplingly annoying and just reminds me of all the adventures I'm not having.

Free-spirited girls probably like light, fruity wine, and I like beer -- a lot of beer.

Of course, these comparisons are just snippets of my perceptions.

Although I'm not always a free-spirited girl, I've learned a lot from my fellow free-spirited friends who embrace the spontaneous playfulness that I think we should all strive for.

Throughout my life, these girls taught me a thing or two about how to live my best self and how to really, truly seize every moment.

Here are some of their words of wisdom.

It'll all work out.

"I don’t do anything but happy. I am obsessed with the present and making each minute, moment mine. I care less about the future because I know if I’m doing the right thing right now, things will always fall into place."

-- Kaitlyn

Permission isn't required.

"Act first, ask for forgiveness after."

-- Ashley

This moment is beautiful.

"All you really have is this moment. Be here now, because you will never find happiness when you're seeped in the pain of the past or worrying about the uncertainty of the future. All we have is NOW. So bask in the beauty of it."

-- Zara

Attitude is what counts.

"Do what makes you happy. Live life to the fullest. Try and take in every experience. You shouldn't care what people think -- dress the way you want, act the way you want, do what you want -- but at the same time, have a good attitude about it and experience as much as you can."

-- Amanda

Do you, for you.

"Spread positivity everywhere you go so the universe gives nothing but positivity back to you. To live making others happy instead of putting your own happiness first is a waste of time and energy that you can never give back to yourself. Show the people around you love, respect, and compassion, but never allow their expectations to constrain you."

-- Joana

Don't plan anything.

"The best memories are usually the ones you stumble upon. You don't plan them. They just unfold in front of you as you hold on for the ride with the hope that you can live as far as possible to the edge without falling off."

-- Jessica

Pack light and travel far.

"I have to remind myself that being in my twenties is precious.  To never be afraid of my intuition and to endlessly create myself and add to the net value of the universe.  Living in a time where the internet and technology have such influence and impact, I result back to my motto: I will strip you of technology and see what is left of you. Directed firstly at myself and then to others.  To me, that represents staying true to myself and is the greatest reminder to only compare myself to the best parts of myself. I advise us all to grow with the flow and travel through this life without an ego; it weighs too much.  Not sure where I heard this, but I will  “pack light and travel far” -- and so should you."

-- Kylah