6 Productive Ways To Use Social Media That Don't Involve Stalking Your Ex

by Shannon Ullman

The people out there who are us6 Productive Ways To Use Social Media That Don't Involve Stalking Your Exing social media to complain, post selfies and argue with everyone are giving it a bad rep.

Honestly, people hate on social media all of the time, saying that it makes us stupid, lazy and incapable of communicating with people.

While they aren't entirely wrong, these social media haters often don't realize all of the benefits of being on these platforms. Whether you are aware of it or not, social media can actually be used in ways that are incredibly productive and beneficial to the user's life.

Want to know how? Here are just a few ways to use social media that are actually productive.

1. Keeping in touch.

Let's start with the easiest to grasp. Social media platforms let people stay in touch with friends and family who they don't get to see that often.

People grow up and move away for travel, jobs and new relationships. Just because your sister moved to Texas doesn't mean that you still can't see what goes on in her life each day.

Social media lets you see what people are doing, chat with them and make plans to get together, even if they live far away.

2. Network, network, network.

Networking is huge when it comes to finding success in business or your career. Since social media gives access to so many people across the globe, it is a great tool for networking.

I'm not talking about stalking people who work for the company you hope to get hired at and adding them all as friends.

Platforms like Facebook have thousands of groups for people in specific fields that you can join to chat with others. If you want to be a yoga teacher, join a yogi group and start chatting. Want to be an entrepreneur? there are groups for that too.

3. Find answers to your questions.

Being part of these social media groups on Twitter and Facebook allow you to ask very specific questions to a knowledgeable group of people and get quick answers.

Need to know what wrench is best for fixing a toilet? Tweet out your question to a home improvement group and see how many answers you receive.

It makes things a whole lot easier when you can quickly get direct answers from an expert.

4. Posting as a business.

Social media has completely changed the way that business works. Through online advertisements and marketing, businesses are able to reach out to so many more customers than the pre-social media days.

Nearly every business these days has a website that connects to every social channel out there. Plus, the internet is full of material that teaches business owners how to utilize social media to get sales.

You can sell on Pinterest, especially if you are in a business like fashion and photography and advertise on Facebook for nearly everything. Social media is the new way that business is being done.

5. Exploring travel resources.

I travel all the time and found social media incredibly useful while I was on the road. I was actually pretty surprised myself that it came in so handy but it eventually became a necessity.

When living in Vietnam, I joined local expat groups on Facebook and was able to find an apartment to stay in, a motorbike to rent and random odd jobs to help me earn money.

I even found a teaching job through a Facebook group in Saigon. I started doing this in every new city that I went to around the world and was able to find friends to meet up with, cool places to visit and even more jobs.

6. Give and receive inspiration.

Despite all of the negativity going on through social media, there is also a whole lot of positivity as well.

Follow inspiring Instagram accounts or Facebook pages so that your feed is full of inspiring quotes and photos.

Follow people that post things that you like and give off positive vibes. You should also do the same from your own account to inspire others in your life too!