6 Never-Ending Perks That Come With Having Your Mom As Your Bestie

by Zoya Gervis
Comedy Central

She's the Lorelei to your Rori. You guys have your own unique language. You know what she's trying to say even when she makes no sense -- like when she tries to name a celebrity and says, "he's the one who dated the blonde country singer who has some sort of squad and he has a sister and he's Jewish."

Jake Gyllenhaal? "Yes him."

I've been so lucky to have this sort of relationship with my own mother. And there are some serious perks to being best friends with your mom.

1. You always have a go-to travel companion.

My mom and I always make sure to go on a vacation at least once a year. And any weekend trips we plan, we try to take them together as well. I'm always wanting to go to New York City, and even though I have family there, it's always better when I'm with my mom.

She lived there for a few years when she was younger, so we don't feel like tourists. We can explore the city ourselves and feel like faux New Yorkers.

It's never a question of who am I going to go with; I always know my mom is down for a vacation with me. Not only is it more fun to have a travel companion, but it's also much safer and less stressful. Having my mom travel with me makes traveling a little less expensive and a lot more convenient.

We are never lonely when we are together. And at the end of the day, it's much more fun to be with someone and share memories of your travels, especially when it's your best friend who just so happens to be your mom.

2. I can always rely on her when making plans.

Want to go to a football game or baseball game? I never have to worry about having to find a date to go with because I know my mom will always be down to go. She's even loves hitting up concerts with me, and just the other day she got tickets for us to see Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman on stage in their show.

It's always so much fun knowing I can always rely on her to go to things with me.

3. There's always someone to call.

I must admit my mom and I are known for calling each other every day. Whether we have super incredibly exciting news, or nothing exciting is happening at all, we still feel a need to talk to one another. And we do.

It feels so good knowing she is just a phone call away. I talk to her about everything from boys, to friends, to work problems, to what to make for dinner. She's a great listener, and I reciprocate that to her as well.

4. You already have a number one fan.

My mom will always be my number one. Even getting my first post published on Elite Daily was a huge day for my mom. She went ahead and shared it with all her Facebook friends. She likes all my Facebook posts, and I shamelessly like all of hers as well.

It's great to know that there is someone in my corner, even if and when I mess up. She's still always there helping me up, continuing to cheer me on.

5. A binge-watching partner in crime.

While some share their Netflix password with their SO, I share mine with my mom. Somehow, my mom and I have stumbled into loving the same shows. So now, we make it a date night to binge-watch together. I've hooked my mom up with a Roku and so now she gets Netflix, Amazon and all her regular TV shows all with the ability to binge.

We've been known to have a full weekend together binge-watching a variety of shows. Instead of worrying about an SO watching ahead of me, I can completely trust that my mom will never go rogue and watch something without me.

6. You always have someone who is willing to listen to your problems.

Not all your friends give a sh*t about your problems, but your mom is legit invested in your life. She fully cares (possibly too much) about your love life, your work life and your health. So when you have any issues in any area of your life, mama bear is there to listen. Problem with a co-worker or boss treating you like crap? Call mama.

Not only will she listen, but she is likely to give you some superb advice.

Having a mom as a best friend is wonderful. I am constantly reminding myself that even if she wasn't my mom I would totally choose her as a friend.