5 Reasons You Are Unhappy (And Shouldn't Be) With Your Perfectly Good Life

Most of us lead pretty good lives, but we still aren't happy. We continually want more, which is fine, as long as we can be satisfied with where we are right now.

Instead of lamenting where you want to be or with whom you want to be, take a look at what you've accomplished, how far you've come and how bright your future is.

Stop with the negativity. Here are five reasons you can't seem to understand that your life is actually just fine:

Your Perspective

Well, it sucks. That little adage about perspective being everything actually holds some truth. Maybe you don't have a dream job yet, or that car you want, or the partner you seek in life -- but that doesn't matter. What matters is how you view your life right now. Are you working toward that job? That means you are closer than you were yesterday.

Are you saving for that car? Even if it's just $10 a week, that car will be yours sooner or later. Are you consciously bettering yourself so you can adequately contribute to a relationship? Then the right person will complement you, rather than complete you when he or she comes along. (And seriously, the relationship will be healthier because you aren't lonely.)

You Settle for Mediocre

This doesn't mean you should always strive for the corner office or the director position, but how are you performing right now in your current position? Is doing just enough to "get by" your mantra? Are you satisfied with only striving for half of what you're capable of? This includes everything from work, to relationships, to school or whatever.

If you only put in partial effort, you will generate mundane results. There is a sense of satisfaction in giving a task or a relationship all that you have. Not only that, it will also directly affect the kind of life you live. Change your mantra from "I'll get by" to "hard work and dedication." It will give your attitude a boost toward the positive and life will take a turn for the better.

You Lack a Practice of Gratitude

And it literally is a practice. Let's go back to that car you want -- well, is the mode of transportation you have serving its purpose? You should be grateful for that. Do your lights turn on when you flip the switch? Do you have heat in the winter? Is there food in your fridge? You should be grateful for all of that. Every day. Try writing down a couple of things every day that you have to be grateful for. You'd be surprised at how quickly it changes your perspective (there's that word again).

You Won't Take Ownership

Your life belongs to no one but you. Your parents can't tell you what to do anymore. They don't monitor your drunk texts or keep track of your finances. You are in charge. And now it's time to take ownership of that. No one told you to buy drinks for the entire bar, to skip class, to show up late to work or to pay the your electric bill 15 days past the due date.

These are all conscious decisions made by the only person who controls your fate -- you. Everything from the amount of debt you have acquired, to the job you have is a choice you have made.

If you can't change it, maybe you should change your perspective on it. (See the trend here?) The first step is to own up to your choices. Once you realize that your life is a direct result of every choice you've made, an epiphany occurs. You can now move forward with better choices. You can act instead of react.

You Hold On To Things That No Longer Serve You

Still got your ex as a Facebook friend? How's that working out for you? Are you holding on to that friendship with the person who only calls when she needs something? Still hitting the snooze button three times before getting out of bed? These people and habits only perpetuate the problem. If the goal is to better yourself and to continue moving forward, then holding on to relationships and habits like these only stunt your growth.

You might not be able to count on people, or your car starting in the morning, but you can count on change. It is constant. It is real. It's time to embrace it so you can move forward. Make the conscious decision to let go of all the people, the things and the habits that aren't making you a better person.

As campy as it sounds, look at the bright side. Seriously. Your life could be better, but it could also be much worse. Perspective is key.

Photo via Collider