Anxiety Much?: 5 Practices To Help You Relieve Your Stress In An Over-Stimulated Society

By Jazmine Leath

Today’s modern world focuses on getting things done, doing them right the first time and moving onto the next task. We’re about time management, efficiency and making things easier.

We create to expand simplification, but creating expansion has defeated the purpose. We're now creating to please the needs of an impatient society.

We’re used to things happening in the blink of an eye. We get angry when our WiFi isn’t working at 4G or 5G speeds when we clearly paid for it. We buy expensive appliances to make our coffee and heat our water for our tea because we want things ready when we want them, and quickly.

We want simplification in all areas of our lives, but little do we know, we’re actually avoiding it. We’ve created and perpetuated our fears and daily anxieties. We’ve allowed society to be filled with rampant depression because things don’t go as we think they should in the timeframe we want them to happen.

The simplicity we crave doesn't involve anything outside of us, but rather, has everything to do with what's within.

Maya Angelou said, “We may act sophisticated and worldly, but I believe we feel safest when we go inside of ourselves and find home, a place where we belong and maybe the only place we do.”

Below is a list of alternative therapies that will help you get back in touch with real simplicity, inner knowing and that ever-so-kind and patient part of you that you’ve been dying to meet: the real star of the show.


It’s a widely loved and “hip” form of spiritual exercise. A lot of people talk about yoga nowadays and that’s exactly why everyone does it. Unfortunately, very few people know why practicing yoga is beneficial. It’s a peacemaker and a body shaper. In addition to adding flexibility and vitality to your body and your cells, yoga also helps guide you into a calm, meditative state while practicing slow and steady positions. Daily yoga is the best yoga.

Helps with: patience, feeling at peace, oneness, flexibility, chakra balancing, exercise, being present and weight loss


Meditation and prayer both offer an abundance of positive effects for the mind, body and soul. Whether you meditate for five minutes or an hour, you’ll be sure to leave your session more peaceful and present. It may take a few times to get it down, but once you get it, you’re set. Be sure to take things slow; enjoy the longer route home this time.

Helps with: calming the mind, easing anxiety and depression, being present, hearing your intuition and chakra balancing


Qigong is a very old form of Tai Chi that originates in China. This form of healing balances our lives and energy. Our surroundings often taint our energy, so it’s very important to maintain and keep our personal energies clear of negativity so that we're at optimal points of health. This will help to create a happier, stress-free you.

Helps with: balancing chakra, harnessing a peaceful mind, balancing chi (life force energy), easing physical pain, raising awareness and creating a “slow down” for the mind and body

Crystal Therapy

Crystals are known to harness the earth’s energy at high speeds of light. Meaning, crystals have the innate power of the universe at their disposals. Not only can they help us clear our negative energy and balance our chakras, but they also have the ability to completely change our circumstances by altering our moods. Wearing a crystal that corresponds with your individual needs will help it to work on your body’s energy. Crystal rings, bracelets and necklaces can work wonders.

Helps with: maintaining positive energy, chakra healing, removing of mental and emotional blocks, feng shui, raising body vibration (helps with being happier) and attracting your desires

Massage Therapy

If you’ve ever had a massage before, you probably already know how beneficial it can be to the body. Not only that, but the state of relaxation that your mind undergoes during the process is heavenly. One massage per month is recommended. Two per month may be costly, but it will do wonders for regulating the body’s toxins. Be sure to drink loads of water afterward to be sure that those toxins are safely removed.

Helps with: improving posture, relaxation, easing anxiety and depression, removing of toxins from the body and removing of physical pain caused by blockages