5 Areas Of Life Where Not Giving A Sh*t Will Make You So Much Happier

Every year, the dreaded time comes around to make yet another unfulfilled and usually disappointing resolution.

It's a vicious cycle of self-promises like eating healthier, working out or finally achieving that goal weight.

And, before I realized, that evil 10-day mark rolled around and I was just like, "Sh*t, this pizza is so good."

I found myself starving, exhausted and broke thanks to the endless diet plans and faulty juice programs.

This year was a little different, though. Instead of committing myself to just one goal, I did the opposite. I gave one up.

My New Year's Resolution was to stop caring.

Yup, you read that right. I gave up caring in all senses for 2015, and believe me, I couldn't be happier.

Before I get confused for being a cold hearted b*tch, I didn't stop caring about everything, I simply let go of the unwanted.

It's just more badass to say, "Yeah, my resolution is to stop caring." But moving on...

The art of letting go is a tricky one to master. Some say it can never be accomplished and others think I'm just referencing "Frozen."

But, let me tell you this: It's not hard, and no I'm not Elsa.

You simply clear your mind and whisper, "I don't care." This clichéd phrase helped eliminate a bucket load of stress from my life by changing my perspective.

Here's how:

With weight

My obsession with my body image started my senior year of high school. I can't tell you why or how, but it was a constant demon I battled.

No matter how much I worked out or how little I ate, I was never satisfied with what stared back at me in the mirror. I wasn't comfortable in my own skin when I should have been.

Now, I stopped caring about what the scale said and started to focus on what I wanted.

If I want pizza, I ate it. If I want to do hot yoga, I got my ass up and went. Instead of feeling like I had to do it, I started to want to do it.

I started gaining self-acceptance and confidence. Don't get me wrong — I don't ignore my health and eat sh*tty 24/7, but I don't punish myself when I do slip.

With love

Just like my weight, I had an obsession with finding love. Ironic? Since I lacked self-confidence, I praised anyone who gave it to me.

I depended on others to control my happiness and love for myself. This put a lot of pressure on my relationship and wasted a lot of time.

Today, I'm much happier on my own. Truthfully, it's the best relationship I've ever been in.

I'm putting my needs before others and not f*cking around with boys who don't matter. There is no point in chasing after someone who gives you anything less.

So now, when I do meet Mr. Right, I know what I deserve and what I can provide.

With others' opinions

This was a hard one. Everyone says, "I don't care what they think," but we all do.

It's a terrible and manipulative way because we're basically letting someone live in our minds.

I used to care so deeply about what people thought of me. Now, I don't.

If people don't like me for who I am, f*ck 'em. I am 22 and I'm not changing for a damn soul.

The more you say, "I don't care," the more obvious it becomes that you do. Stop saying it and just do it. It has two polar opposite meanings.

You don't need to prove to someone you're over him or her; prove it to yourself.

With drama

Man, oh man, did I surround myself by people who loved drama. Hell, I sometimes face it today.

I entirely understand the thrill of drama; it makes you feel important in a way, but there are so many other ways to get that same feeling.

The easiest way to stop caring is to eliminate yourself from it. For example, what good will come out of you and your best friend going to her ex boyfriend's best friend's house party? Nothing.

Why you would even think about doing that is frightening.

I'm not saying you should avoid every location of this person's existence, but don't go looking for some type of thrill.

If you do, you'll probably just get a spill… of someone's drink… in your face, like a bad reality TV episode. Do it for yourself, not at the expense of making some else miserable.

With stress

If it won't kill you, don't act like it will.

If anything, I've learned nothing is in your control. By letting go of this "must control" Dr. Frankenstein attitude, you're allowing life to take place.

Positivity heals and positive thinking rewards itself.