4 Reasons Why Nostalgia Is Actually Advantageous To Your Well-Being

What a wonderful life I've had! I only wish I'd realized it sooner. — Sidonie Gabrielle Colette

People often vocalize how they should abstain from living in the past. To some degree, I agree with them. Your heart and soul should constantly converge with the present. However, you should let the memories live under your skin like they are meant to.

Let the struggles make your eyes shine brighter and allow yourself to hear the joys through your contagious laughter. Accept them as a part of you; each memory as a little piece to of the puzzle that is your thriving spirit.

Yes, you should focus on the present, but sometimes, requiting with your past might be rewarding. Sometimes, casually scouring letters and photographs could refashion your future for the better. Nostalgia, really, could be quite advantageous. Here's why:

1. You Learn From It

There is a reason why we learn about history in school, after all. Part of this rationale is to not reiterate the same mistakes of the past.

By going down memory lane, you can very well prompt the glib blunders you do not want to repeat and awareness of flaws you have always wanted to change.

It might also encourage you to reach out to an old acquaintance, however, from whom you have not heard in some time.

By looking back, you can halt exacerbating your future from similar actions. The past can easily advocate for positive change from past experiences that have molded you into who you are today.

2. You Can Ascertain How Far You Have Come

By going years back, or even just a handful of months, you will witness the progression that is your life. You will be able to proudly attest to the places you have been and the people you have met.

You will be sure to remark on battles you have won, feats you have mastered and relationships from which you have blossomed.

By retreating a single step, you will be reminded of the miles you trekked. You can then proudly move forward from simply remembering the journey you have undergone.

3. It Is Usually Rather Amusing

We can all attest to the fact that the world runs better from laughter. Well, what better way to occupy the evening than with your friends or family members reminiscing? Recall the cringe-worthy outfits, the hilarious poses and the awkward photos taken at 2 am.

Laugh at the facial expressions and the screenshots of text messages you decided to save.

From childhood to adulthood, there is a guaranteed photo that will make you pee your pants while surrounded by the best company. A night filled with laughter is just another jovial memory to put on the list.

4. It Triggers Inspiration

When you look back at your life, you will remember the dreams at which you used to marvel. Suddenly, your career goals, your travel whims, your vision of what you thought love should be like and the manifestation of your future will all be stimulated by memories.

So, here lies your fortunate chance to make it materialize if it has yet to come to fruition. Move. Leave. Change. Fly. Risk. Speak. Move on. Fall in love. Do whatever you must to feel notable significance. Take the leap of faith, and take on the world like you always knew you could.

Embracing your past can help escort you to a better future. Do not hide from it; exploit it for your benefit. Smile at the odyssey you have journeyed so far and feel your heart pound from enthusiasm for the obtainable opportunities in front of you.

If you allow yourself to fall deep into nostalgia, you will only emerge more fervent and stronger than before. So, cheers to your past and bottoms up to your future.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It