30 Thoughts That Run Through Your Mind When Taking A Test In College

Sean Locke

Ah, college. Life's a dream when you can dance all night long with your roommates, bask in unlimited freedom and eat your heart away at literally every restaurant available on campus.

While this is partly true, most of us college students know that the reality of college life is all about nipping procrastination in the bud, keeping up with assignments after assignments and fighting for our sanity.

Nothing reminds me more of college than the task of taking a test.

Even if you've prepared for a test more than any other one in your life, made sticky notes and took the practice quiz, you'll still run into problems. Lack of sleep may have you anxious and walking into class and seeing the panicked looks and overhearing conversations of topics you didn't think were on the test doesn't help either.

Some professors are easier than others when it comes to giving out tests and quizzes because they either have set schedules, or are godly people who understand the stresses of test-taking and don't want to instill that stress into the brains of tender, young, students.

But, some professors are not so nice. These are the professors who structure their classes so fast that you wonder if they can even keep up with themselves. They give you a lesson off two slideshows and then surprise you with a test the week after.

These are also the same professors that give you pop-up quizzes, even though you're well past high school education, and then blame it on you (the students) for not paying attention in class.

Here are 30 thoughts that go through every student's mind before taking a test in college:

1. *Opens test paper and sees page, after page, after page* Omg. Omg. Omg. I'm going to die. Why did this man make this test into a book? He wants to punish us all and the semester barely even started.

2. Should I look down or up when I'm thinking? Why is everyone looking down without looking up? I should probably look down.

3. Am I the only one who finds this so fucking hard? Does that mean I'm stupid?

4. I really should have studied more instead of watching VH1 and falling asleep.

5. "If I could turn back time...," I get it Cher, I do.

6. I wonder if the professor feels any sympathy when looking into all of our eyes.

7. Damn, everyone looks stressed AF.

8. This is painful and I want to cry. OK breathe, momma ain't raised a punk. You got this.

9. Maybe the pages onward will be easier?

10 They're not. Ughhhh.

11. Teachers always taught us to never skip a question but I really don't know WTF to do with this one.

12. *Skips question*

13. No, let's give this a shot.

14. OK, I've filled out most of the pages so I'm making progress.

15. Every single thing on this page must be wrong.

16. *Begins to inner cry* I should just become a stripper.

17. I haven't even thought of a plan B for my life.

18. I think it's time to pray.

19. OK, you know what? I'm strong, I can do this.

20. I'm done, but I don't want to be the last to finish.

21. Everyone is probably going to look at me when I get up.

22. OK, let me wait five more minutes and see if anyone else gets up.

23. Yes, yes, yes.

24. Shit, she's only asking a question. Thanks for getting my hopes up Holly!

25. OK, people are getting up. I can do this now.

26. Maybe if I hand my paper in with a smile it'll lighten the mood.

27. I failed that test. I know it.

28. *Note to self: Research inspirational stories of hope*

29. One test fail isn't going to ruin me. No way, I won't let it.

30. OK, it'll ruin me for a little, but I'll bounce back. God, I hate school.