20 Life Hacks To Get You Through Your 20s

by Samantha Metzger

We live through experiences that help shape our lives, but occasionally, seeing other people’s experiences helps us most. Being a 20-something can be hard; we all need a little bit of help sometimes in the crazy world.

Check out this list of 20 simple life tips to help you through the decade:

1. If someone holds absolutely no purpose and or positive placement in your life, then you should remove him or her immediately. For instance, the guy who would only text me (and never see me) had to go.

2. Be friends with people who know which songs to talk over and which songs to be quiet during. These are also the people with whom you dance on that spontaneous Wednesday night out — these are the friends in your life.

3. If you're missing someone, it is okay to write him or her a simple a text — even when it's been too long. Sometimes, relationships fizzle, but can easily be repaired by someone making the first move and saying hello.

4. Elderly people are like cheat codes to happiness. They are singlehandedly able to assist in any problem you're having, either by providing you with amazing advice or baking you a platter of cookies. Either way, you leave their presence smiling.

5. Friends are supposed to make you feel good about yourself. Don't ever forget that.

6. It's okay to feel unmotivated about something you are supposed to be doing. Sometimes, focusing too hard on one thing can bar you from completing the task. Sometimes, you need to take a break or a walk, listen to some good music and then revisit the task.

7. Never let something or someone cloud your feelings about something you want. Anyone who tells you that you cannot achieve something deserves to get the finger and see just how much you can do.

8. Traveling is probably the best thing you can do for yourself in your 20s. It doesn't need to be an extremely long trip; it can be spontaneously getting in your car and driving through as many states as you can. If you can do it, you should. There is too much out there to experience and so little time. Oh, and if you can take the long trip, do it in a heartbeat.

9. Date someone who has similar musical taste as you. One the more beautiful things about life is music and the effect it has on us, and if you can find someone who has similar feelings about the same songs as you, then what is better than that? If you feel strongly about something other than music — like movies, books, volunteering, etc., — find someone who shares that interest with you.

10. My father always said to write checks to myself to take a part of my earnings, pay myself and save. It's always better to have something rather than nothing — you never know what could happen.

11. Whatever you do, do not worry about what people think about you. As long as you are happy with the person who you are and the decisions that you make, then you shouldn't stress about anyone else's thoughts on the subject.

12. Learn to accept that you are where you are in life for a reason. Life happens in a weird and creepy way — everything happens for a reason, yet you probably find yourself questioning why. Sometimes, seemingly negative situations must transpire in order for something better to come along. It's nothing to fear or be sad about, but instead, reassurance that something good is on its way.

13. For instant happiness, listen to this.

14. If something feels right, don't overthink and create issues that don’t exist, that may potentially scare you from acting. Just let things flow and go where life takes you.

15. Take one day at a time. By trying to predict the future and planning life, you miss a lot of moments and probably create a lot of unnecessary stress.

16. Don't be the person with his or her phone out during the entire concert. Disconnect from social media every once in a while. Be where you are when you are there; there’s no need to live tweet every moment of your day.

17. Read more books. Reading is probably one of the most relaxing activities out there and creates so much peace to escape the world in which you find yourself.

18. Exit situations that do not make you happy. Whether this is a job or a relationship or something else entirely, if you don't look forward to it, it probably isn't the right place for you.

19. Keep a journal, a blog or anything else that will help you organize and keep your thoughts in one place. For me, writing has always provided for a learning process because I record my thoughts and need to read and reflect on them. You can easily read about the past occurrences that you have navigated, which will ultimately help you grow as a person.

20. Always remember that you are your first priority.

Photo via We Heart It