14 Bucket List Additions To Make 2014 The Best Year Of Your Life

Chances are, you either know someone who has created a list of ridiculously extravagant tasks for him or herself — like going bungee jumping or going sky diving — or you have one yourself.

But, does anyone ever really stick to these bucket lists (as in, a list of things to do before you “kick the bucket”)? Or do the tasks tend to remain on some back shelf of the mind, collecting dust over the years, barely getting noticed? This year, shake things up and follow through. Try to accomplish 14 items on your 2014 bucket list.

Check out some of these kooky, scary and amusing ideas to consider:

1. Run through a field. Naked.

Yes, naked. Bring skinny-dipping to the next level and be naked in front of someone (or multiple someone’s… whatever you're into). It’ll create a funny and thrilling atmosphere. Park next to the field, leave your clothes behind and run. You’ll never feel more free.

2. Grow a Chia Pet.

Okay, okay, maybe this sounds ridiculous, but chia pets are literally the coolest things to watch grow. You probably never had one as a kid (so instead, you just enjoyed that catchy advertisement jingle), so now is your time. People say that being able to keep a plant alive is a measure of responsibility and maturity. Plus, parenting a Chia Pet is a pretty cool, quirky tale to share with new friends out at the bar.

3. Try a food you have always been afraid of trying.

Are you afraid to try eel at the sushi restaurant? Maybe duck isn't your thing. Well, in 2014, you will not be afraid of your plate. It's always great to try something you fear, because the worst case scenario is that you confirm that you’re not a fan. But, knowing this for a fact is empowering — it’s your choice, not the choice of your fears.

4. Book a massage.

It can be a quick five-minute number or a two-hour, deep-tissue, hot stone Swedish massage. A little relaxation is always deserved. This year, treat yourself.

5. Give a hot crush the "eye" and your number.

Maybe you've been staring at this person all day at work, or every day in Starbucks and you get that happy, tingly, "OMG you're so good looking" feeling… it's like third grade all over again. But, since you’re no longer in elementary school, grow up and head over to that person. Strike up a conversation, be complimentary, step out of your comfort zone and accomplish your goal. If it works out, well, fantastic! If not, at least you can say you tried.

6. Go on a blind date.

Think it's impossible? Well then, young grasshopper, you’re wrong. It is so easy for someone to set you up with someone else. Your mom can set you up with the adorable cashier from the food market (LOL), or your best friend can set you up with the sexy guy that her boyfriend knows. Do it for the experience, be yourself and see where things go.

7. Learn how to shoot a gun.

Maybe it’s not for you, but shooting a gun can be stress-relieving and it comes with an amazing adrenaline rush.

8. Do some community service.

The options are truly endless when it comes to altruism. You could help at your local soup kitchen, a local organization, a hospital, a retirement home — anything is a wonderful contribution. Plus, you’ll feel fantastic afterwards.

9. Go to a karaoke bar.

If you can't find a karaoke bar, pull a Katherine Heigl in “27  Dresses” and just sing along loudly to a song at a bar (her choice was “Bennie and the Jets”). Maybe you’re scared that it’ll be embarrassing, but karaoke’s really just silly and you’ll make amazing memories while doing it.

10. Participate in "Selfie Sunday" on Instagram.

Maybe it’s a bit self-indulgent, but so what? It’s a pop-culture phenomenon of sorts, so if you’re feeling good about the way you look, post a selfie! Confidence is key, so the number of “likes” your selfie earns is totally arbitrary. Do your thing for yourself.

11. Weed your friend garden.

Basically, get rid of the people who don’t feel like productive supplements to  your life. This is a tough one for many people to do, but in the end, your life will be eons better without consistent clouds of negativity. Rid yourself of frenemies, exes and, most importantly, drama. Make 2014 a healthy and happy year surrounded by people who deserve to be in your life.

12. Share a fantasy with someone.

Maybe you’ve dreamed of being fed grapes while lounging on white sand or joining the mile-high club. Your fantasy doesn’t need to be sexual in nature (although it could be). Take some time to imagine any kind of fantasy, then make it your reality.

13. Drive until you run out of gas.

Okay, so maybe don’t take this one literally (it’s pretty bad for your car if you completely drain the tank), but you get the idea. Drive for as long as you can reasonably go, see where you end up and explore. It’s random, but with good company, it’ll be amazing.

14. Conquer your biggest fear.

Afraid of heights? Go skydiving or cliff jumping. Afraid of spiders? Educate yourself and embrace that spiders don't attack humans on purpose (and that obviously, you are a lot bigger than they are). Be stronger than your fears this year.

Photo credit: Img Fave