10 Things Bloomberg Could Actually Do To Make New Yorkers Live Healthy Lifestyles


Mayor Bloomberg has been on a health binge. He is encouraging New Yorkers to live a healthy lifestyle. This is one of the reasons why Mayor Bloomberg is the man. What mayor do you know is more concerned with the health of his patrons than Mayor Bloomberg.

Motivating people to be conscious of their health is one of the most difficult things to do. While some of us do know we are overweight and need to get our priorities straight, we hardly do anything to change our situations.

Maybe Mayor Bloomberg can do a little more to help motivate us. Here are the 10 ways Mayor Bloomberg can motivate us to lead healthy lives:

Encourage roof top gardens for vegetation.

A big problem in New York City is that there are not a lot of open areas for people to grow their own vegetation. People complain that healthier food costs more and this is true solely because of the process it takes to bring healthy food to your plate.

One way we can cut down this cost is by looking upwards. New York City has untapped real estate on the tops of its buildings. Many roof decks are empty lots that just sit there. Bloomberg can encourage roof top gardens, where restaurants can grow some of their own vegetation to cut down the costs of ordering food.

Making large sodas illegal.

Many of us consume an extreme amount of high fructose and high sugar products. Most of these products are usually consumed in the form of a large soft drink, like a soda. These type of drinks are detrimental to our digestive systems and our long term health in general. Bloomberg has banned sodas larger than 16 oz with the goal of curbing soft drink consumption.

By making elevators illegal

Mayor Bloomberg's latest campaign requires an attack on elevator use. Elevators are a guilty pleasure for New Yorkers and many of us use them religiously, even when they're not entirely necessary. Mayor Bloomberg plans on limiting elevator use in order to save energy and to make us burn more calories. His campaign includes making staircases more appealing in order to encourage patrons to use them more.

Forget taxis and encourage the use of Citi Bike so we can all risk our lives.

Why pay a cab to take you a mile or two when you can rent a bike and burn off some extra calories? Bloomberg has placed Citi Bikes in many convenient locations throughout the city with the hopes of getting people to cut down taxi use and actually use the bikes. These bikes were intended to motivate people to burn off some extra calories, save money and allow for easy travel throughout the city. So forget hailing a cab and get on that Citi Bike.

He can reward citizens with gold for their weight loss.

In order to help curb the obesity problem in New York, Mayor Bloomberg can offer city dwellers an incentive for losing weight and keeping off the pounds. He can just look to our friends in Dubai who have come up with an unorthodox way of encouraging people to stay healthy. In Dubai, they are beginning to offer people gold for meeting certain health goals. How motivated would you be knowing that you can get gold for losing weight?

Instead of having people use the water taxi to New Jersey, have people canoe across the Hudson.

New York offers many alternatives to driving as a means of commuting in and out of the city. One of these is the Water Taxi to New Jersey. Some New Yorkers work in New Jersey and to keep them in shape, Mayor Bloomberg could allow people to canoe across the Hudson. He can lower the amount of Water Taxi trips, which would decrease pollution and have people canoe across the Hudson to get in shape. This will also keep the unwanted pedestrians from New Jersey out of the city.

Citi Cycle with the Fat Jew.

Can't afford to go to the gym? Well, that shouldn't be a problem. Now that we have stationed Citi Bikes across all of New York, Mayor Bloomberg can offer citizens free Citi Bike Spin Classes with the Fat Jew. These classes have already been going on, just check out the video.

Hot yoga in the city streets during lunch time.

We all know the city streets can get quite hot during the day. Walking around the streets during lunchtime can be one of the most miserable experiences one can have. Nothing like walking around the corner to your local deli and sweating up a storm.

To save money on energy costs, Mayor Bloomberg can offer us free Bikram Yoga sessions in the heat. Nothing screams health quite like a hot yoga class in the middle of the day in your work clothes.

Subway saunas so we can sweat.

Many people take to the subway to commute to work. In order to save money for the MTA and to increase our health, Mayor Bloomberg can offer 'Subway Station Saunas.' By delaying subways, Mayor Bloomberg can keep us in the hot stations longer. This new subway sauna system will force us to sweat up a storm and really get those toxins out of our bodies. It may cause a dollar increase on the subway toll, but who can put a price on health, right?

Put everyone on the Fashion Student diet.

We know that New Yorkers do not have the best eating habits. I mean it's very hard to eat healthy when you have horrible food choices around you at all times.We all know fashion students have some of the most in shape bodies because they have to fit into their little black dresses every night to go out and impress the 40-year-old Wall Street tycoon.

They are on a steady diet of skittles and diet coke. In order to encourage us to eat healthier, Mayor Bloomberg can mandate the Fashion student diet at least once a week. This means that one day of the week, we're only allowed to eat one bag of Skittles and have one diet coke throughout the day.