10 Reasons Why Generation Y Will Never Know How To Cook

by Samantha Lebbos

There’s a reason why we love going back home to our parents' house for dinner. No, it’s not for the “do this, do that” crap. It’s definitely not for the “please run these errands for us,” either.

It’s because we get home-cooked meals. Meals that are warm and tasty, unlike any microwaveable meal.

A home-cooked meal is something we’re not used to after we head off to college, graduate and move in to our own places. Why? We tend to give all of that time we’re supposed to use for cooking in replacement of drinking and spending money on hot wings.

Now that we’re working and trying to be “mature,” why is it so hard for us to come home from work and prepare a home-cooked meal?

Here are 10 reasons why we cannot get our f*cking heads straight and learn how to be adults.

1. Cooking takes up too much time

The other night, I wanted lobster mac and cheese. I craved it for a week, and one night I decided to be cute and cook dinner for my boyfriend and I.

We went to the grocery store and I spent 45 minutes in the ice cream aisle trying to pick out the best vanilla ice cream for root beer floats while slowly gathering everything I needed to make "homemade" mac and cheese.

By the time we left the grocery store, came home and cooked dinner, three hours passed by. Come 10 pm, it was time for a beer(s) and bed.

2. The “buying lunch/dinner ends up the same cost as buying groceries” excuse

I have heard this excuse from all of my friends, and every time I buy lunch or dinner, I feel like I could’ve used that money for something useful, like saving up for a vacation somewhere.

But, buying $50 worth of groceries a week ends up costing less than buying lunch and dinner out each day.

3. Going out to drink and eat is part of our social lives

After a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is go home and put an apron on. For some reason, going to the bar to drink and eat while watching the Bulls or Blackhawks play sounds much more fun.

4. We don’t have any patience

A minute on the microwave seems like five hours. Imagine the pain we go through when being so hungry while waiting for water to boil or chicken to bake in the oven. I mean, woof.

By the time we get home from work it’s already 7 pm and we just want to cannonball into bed.

5. We are indecisive

The female species, especially. Who knows what I want for dinner? I don’t even know how long it’s going to take me to get out of bed in the morning.

I mean, no doubt we all think about food every second of the day, but we never know what we have the taste for, and when we do, it’s a home-cooked meal made from our parents or grandparents.

6. Cooking for one person is considered a waste of time

So I am going to spend an hour cooking a piece of chicken with a side of veggies? Let’s be serious: I know there’s this new fad where you cook for the week, but eating the same thing for five days (because we eat out on the weekends) seems gross.

7. Nothing is worse than scrubbing pots and pans

Oh, yeah, after I feel full all I want to do is scrub the burned pots and pans. How did you know that was my ideal night? By the time you’re done scrubbing, you have no energy to do everything else on your “to-do” list, like clean, do laundry and hit the gym.

8. We’re barely home and the food goes to waste

This is kind of true, don’t you think? We spend 10 hours away from home at work, five days a week, only to come home to soggy lettuce and disgusting fruits and vegetables. Now what? You walk down the street and grab a pizza and beer. It's always the solution.

9. Every meal tastes the same

You have the same seasonings in your cabinet; therefore, the chicken you cook tastes exactly the same. Every. Single. Time. There’s something different about the chicken your parents cook, though. It’s amazing. Every. Single. Time.

10. We're never in the mood for what we have in the fridge

No, I don’t want that spinach and kale I thought I wanted because I thought I wanted to be healthy for a day while at the grocery store. Also, I don’t feel like eating goldfish as a snack for the fourth day in a row.

How can we fix this Generation-Y problem of not knowing how to cook? I guess we have to be willing to learn. Watch YouTube videos, or just continue to go out and buy wings and beer if it makes you feel better.

Then, go home once a week and steal your parents' food. That’s my plan until I get married and win the lotto.