10 Bad College Habits That Won't Likely End After Graduation

Undoubtedly, you’re aware that college is over, but is it really that bad that you're still clinging to your “youthful” habits? Here are the best — and most common — post-graduation habits that we just can't shake. Don't worry, no one is judging.

1. Drinking on weeknights

If your friends are heading to a bar on a Tuesday night, why on earth would you refuse to join? Work tomorrow? Pah.

Going out for drinks is simply social-skill upkeep and if that means nursing a hangover on Wednesday morning, so be it.

2. Asking for help from your parents

Sometimes life throws tricky financial obstacles at you, like car problems, stolen bags or those really expensive shoes that you must have right now.

Worry not; you’re still young enough to run to Mom and Dad and ask for rent money. This isn’t an eternal source of help, so enjoy it while you can and definitely don’t feel ashamed because you’d do the same for your kids.

3. Napping

When all of the coffee in the world won’t satisfy your lacking energy supply, head over to Nap Kingdom, fluff up a pillow and grab a cheeky 20 minutes of peace for revitalization.

Napping helped you through your college years, so why should you give up this luxury as a full-fledged adult? Hey, why not throw on your onesie for good measure?

4. Watching Netflix until the wee hours of morning

You know the scenario: You have the apartment to yourself, you have wine and chocolate cake in the fridge… It’s time to catch up on that TV series you love.

Next episode loading in 10 seconds? Oh go on, you can skip your morning shower and eat breakfast at your desk. Just beware: Netflix is extremely addictive, so use with caution.

5. Bizarre eating habits

When there are no clean knives, sometimes you just have to cut your toast with a spoon or drink your coffee from a bowl. Also, why waste a bowl when you can eat straight from the saucepan? Fellow college graduates will understand… Your parents? Not so much.

6. Refusing to pay full price

"Do you offer a student discount? Cool, here’s my student card. Yes, I know it expired five years ago, but they forgot to send me a new one." Does this sound familiar?

Well, when you come to expect discounted goods, it’s worth trying to keep up the deals post-graduation. If you can’t get a discount, it’s not above you to shop around for a place that will give you one.

7. Drinking games

If you’re planning to head out on the weekend, you need to figure out how to save money. The easiest way is to get drunk beforehand and the best way to accomplish this is by playing drinking games: ring of fire, beer pong, shot roulette. Basically anything that involves drinking sips or shots of alcohol will do the trick. Next stop: the club!

8. Updating your social media… constantly

Have you wasted hours learning how to make your own pasta, cooked it and created something that would rival a top chef? Well, before you begin to eat it, you must take a photo to document the achievement.

Have you just played mini golf, been on a bike ride or purchased a new outfit? Share to your heart’s content with your network because... Why not?

9. Procrastinating

So long as the Internet remains saturated with cat videos, you will inevitably watch them to avoid doing something important — whether you’re a student or not.

Why not try to do some “good” procrastination, though, like calling your Mom, replying to texts or cleaning your room?

10. Bingeing on takeout food

We’ve all be there: You open your fridge only to find a half-empty bottle of ketchup and a solitary olive. After devouring the ketchup-soaked olive, your only other option is to order takeout.

You can’t really afford it, but at least you can Instagram your meal and make your friends jealous.

Embrace these habits that you’ll undoubtedly carry with you for many years to come because why fix something that isn’t broken?

Enjoy being a slob while you still can and spend your free time in bed watching “Game of Thrones” [relatively] guilt free. Youth contains the word “you” for a reason, after all.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It