12 Pairs Of Zip-Off Pants That Have Been Waiting For Warm Weather

At the risk of of jinxing the entire planet and ushering in the dawn of a second Ice Age, I think it's safe to say winter has finally released its icy hands from the throat of the Northern Hemisphere.

The arrival of spring means different things for different people. For some, it means taking your laptop to a park and trying to do work, even though the sun makes it practically impossible to see your screen.

For others, it involves using a slingshot to shoot gummy bears in the general direction of the drunk people yelling at the beer garden you didn't know was located a couple of buildings down from your apartment.

For the fashion-forward among us, however, the arrival of the warm months means one thing and one thing only: It's time to turn those zip-off pants into a pair of zip-off shorts.

Think you're excited for spring? You're not as excited as these convertible pants that are about to come out of hibernation.

The open-toed sandals and the matching hat really tie the outfit together.

He's going to need those extra pockets to store all the underwear people are going to throw at him.

That's the reason his pockets are bulging.

The higher the waist, the finer the taste. (That's totally a saying.)

If they're good enough for that muscular meteorologist from The Weather Channel, they're good enough for me.

Pictured: A college sex scandal just waiting to happen.

Have you ever seen a pair of convertible cargo jeans? Now you've seen three of them. Never change, Wisconsin.

This is how I sext.

And this is what it looks like when things are really getting hot and heavy.

There's nothing more attractive than practical fashion.

The best of both worlds.

It might just be a picture, but he was definitely strutting like a young John Travolta when it was taken.