Guys Hilariously Visit Hospital After Wrong Number Texts Them About New Baby

Depending on what you sent and who you sent it to, a text to a wrong number can either be a mild inconvenience or an incredibly traumatizing experience that makes you wish Alexander Graham Bell died of the mumps as a child.

There is no shortage of examples of the upsides and downsides of sending a message to the wrong person, and you never really know how the person who's accidentally on the other end will react.

I've never randomly received a picture of a newborn child from an unknown number, but I imagine my reaction would probably involve ignoring it entirely, forgetting it happened and moving on with my life.

I probably wouldn't engage in a conversation with the person who sent the picture...

...and I definitely wouldn't show up bearing gifts at the hospital, especially without confirming the location first.

You have to really respect the follow through.

The album was uploaded to Imgur, but I'm not posting a direct link because the phone numbers weren't blurred; I think everyone involved deserves a break from getting texts from random people.