This Woman's Fish Swallowed A Pebble And She Dropped $500 On His Surgery

If someone said they spent $500 on a fish, I would assume they at least got a chance to eat it, and it was the most delicious sushi ever.

A 21-year-old Brisbane woman came to the Brisbane Bird and Exotics Veterinary Services with one goal in mind: to save her precious fish named Conquer that swallowed a pebble.

Looks like Conquer got a little too stoned, am I right? No, don't encourage me. It will only get worse.

Since Conquer's owner probably didn't take an ambulance, allow me to make some sound effects to set the exciting mood. (Ahem.) "WEE-OO, WEE-OO, WEE-OO."

There, that's much better.

The Ranchu Goldfish had the pebble lodged in the back of its throat. Now, it was time for some vets to help this little guy out.

Cue the opening theme song for "ER."

Before extricating the pebble from his throat, Vets anesthetized Conquer until he was asleep. Maybe sleeping with the fishes isn't so bad after all? (No, it is.)

Conquer then had some tiny instruments put into his mouth... like a mini violin and 3-cm-long tambourine. JK, these people went to vet school they probably know what they're doing.

You know in some horror movies possessed characters often cough up nails? Yeah, that's kind of what Conquer's de-pebbling process looked like.

In the age old battle of fish versus stone, Conquer has conquered this pebble.

Look at that thing! It's huge (proportionally to Conquer, not to me since it's only 13 grams).

Here's Conquer on his way toward making a full recovery!

I sincerely hope Conquer has learned his lesson about not biting off more than he can chew.

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