Woman Magically Turns Scarf Into Any Type Of Clothing Possible (Video)

You know those mornings when you stare into a closet full of clothes yet somehow feel like you have nothing to wear?

Well this woman seems to have the opposite problem: She has one garment -- a fuzzy convertible scarf -- and she can’t for the life of her decide how she wants to wear it.

While in a store, she scrambles to show off all the ways to wear the scarf, making it fit like a shirt, a headscarf and even a dress. The way she flies through the scarf’s different methods of wear is somehow cartoonish and quite mesmerizing to watch.

The garment, manufactured in Taiwan, is called the Magic Scarf, and according to advertisements, it can be worn over 100 ways.

In just over a minute and a half, this woman seems to have gone through all of them.