Pregnant Woman Tries To Confront Baby Daddy's GF And It Goes Horribly Wrong


Someone texting the wrong person will never fail to entertain me. Because almost always, these people text someone in the heat of some passionate feeling, thereby making – and then not realizing until it's way too late – their dumb mistake.

But it's all about the person responding to the text. To troll or not to troll: That is, after all, the question.

And – spoiler alert – the person in the exchange below definitely decides to troll.

I'll let the text exchange speak for itself, but let me just say this: This is an important lesson to always be sure to check who exactly you're texting when you're rage-explaining that the new life growing within you is someone's boyfriend's.

Yes, that's the only lesson here.

She doesn't beat around the bush or ask if she's messaging the right person. No, she just goes straight into delivering her information.

Then, with lightning speed, the recipient of this troubling news takes the express shuttle straight into troll town.

Damn, how are you gonna do Samwise Gangee like that? Dude is so loyal.

Then, the person who just texted someone out of the blue that the person's boyfriend got her pregnant calls the troller crazy.

OK. Cool it, dude. YOUR grammar corrections are annoying, and they make you sound like a dick. Stick to pictures.

"Food places" is pretty funny though.

OK, I'm back in it.

Now, I haven't seen "Supernatural." But I immediately will.

Finally, she realizes her mistake.

And they leave it on excellent terms!