Woman Live-Streams Getting Tricked Into Awkward Group Tinder Date On Boat

This is the story of a “cute boy” who invited a young lady on a Tinder date.

Sorry, I said that wrong. He invited four young ladies on a Tinder date.

And none of them knew that there would be any other women on this Tinder date.

And they couldn't leave.

Because they were on a boat. On Lake Michigan.

One woman decided to document her experience on Facebook live.

Meet Kayla Hutch, who treats the shitty situation like her own little documentary, interviewing the other girls on the boat, and explaining the extremely strange and irritating position she has found herself trapped in.

“We're live on 'The Bachelorette,'" she says, with one of the other girls. On the boat are around 20 women, and five guys.

As she tells it, she matched with this guy six months ago, just like several of the other girls. She didn't respond to him much until he mentioned that he was going to be on a boat. Boats are cool. So she went. When she got there and saw what the situation was, he assured her, “Don't be uncomfortable, it's not awkward.”

Thanks, dude.

She tries to flag down a boat nearby to drive her back to shore for a $100, but they refused.

Still, she tried to make the best of the predicament. Eventually, she seemed to genuinely start having fun just making fun of this shithead and by talking to the other people on the boat. She knows no one.

As she told the Daily Dot,

When I got there I could tell something was up because he was kind of standoffish, which seemed weird considering he'd been trying to get a date with me for six months and had sent five texts that morning confirming I was going to be there.

What his reasoning was, we may never know. Maybe he thought they'd all flake and was increasing his odds of having someone to be on his sad boat with him.

At long last, she is rescued by a fellow vessel.

I love nautical tales.

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