This Woman Constantly Falls On Purpose To Put A Smile On Your Face


Believe it or not, there are people out there in this crazy world who just want to see you smile.

While most of us would rather post a funny meme on Instagram to get the job done, tons of other people actually go out and fall down in front of crowds of people for their enjoyment.

OK, well, maybe not "tons of other people," but this Instagram user certainly does!

Meet Paige Ginn, an Instagram user with a knack for making you laugh and pranking the public.

Paige's comedic material is simple: She purposely falls down in public while witnesses *attempt* to contain their laughter.


From department stores...

...To fast food restaurants, nowhere is safe from Ginn's epic falls.

She EVEN pulled the same stunt at her high school graduation.

As painful as her falls look, you have to admit -- it'd be hard not to laugh at the sight of this.

Sometimes the end result of a fall stunt isn't exactly funny.

Even after a few hospital visits, she continues to dust herself off and fall again.

Paige, you're a hero for sacrificing yourself for smiles. Laughing at other people's misfortunes never looked so fun.

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