Woman Dumps All Her Cheating Boyfriend's Apple Products In The Bathtub (Photo)

by Connor Toole

There aren't many upsides to discovering you've been cheated on, but I've found infidelity can often bring out a person's creative side based on the endless ways people have gotten revenge on a former significant other.

After a woman in Japan discovered her boyfriend had been less than faithful, she used what she'd learned over the course of the relationship to hit him somewhere it would really hurt.

That somewhere was his wallet because she took all of his Apple products and deposited them in the tub before posting them online for some good, old-fashioned public shaming.

Just throw them in some rice. That should solve the problem.

浮気ばれてんけど、電化製品全て風呂ボチャはえぐない? — ❸⓪❺号室 (@foolishnessfly2) April 18, 2015

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