Woman Checks Into A Hospital Because She Can't Stop Having Orgasms (Video)

by Connor Toole

Laugh all you want, but this has to be the worst thing in the entire world.

There's nothing wrong with having one or two orgasms over the course of a few hours -- in fact, I would argue that could be considered a "good time."

However, having one or two hundred in the same amount of time is one of the many definitions of "hell."

You really have to applaud the professionalism of the nurse in this situation. "So we think it's almost like a computer bug..." UHUHUHUHUH "...and we can probably get you some anti-nausea medicine to see if that helps..." UHAHUHAHUHAHUHHHH "...would you maybe like some crackers?" UHHHHHHAHAHAHAH "OK, we'll get you some crackers."

This is the kind of video that should be taught at nursing schools around the world. That's Bedside Manners 101.

Hopefully they also start teaching nurses how to stop people from orgasming every 10 seconds because that probably would have been helpful in this situation.

via Steven Z