Wife Shames Drunk Husband For Ending Up On High Ledge In Their House (Video)

There's a certain type of person who, when drunk, suddenly wants to climb stuff. As for me, I'm more of the "who thinks I can jump that mailbox?!" kind of person.

Thankfully, there usually isn't any video footage of me expertly hurdling government property. This guy, on the other hand, wasn't so lucky.

His wife videotaped him tiptoeing across a second-story ledge barefoot, muttering "who cares?" and playing a trumpet.

Her plan? She's going to show the footage to his mom.

In the jungle, there's this parasitic fungus that will get into an ant's brain and make it climb to the highest branch it can find before a spore explodes out of its head, killing it.

Beer is this guy's ant fungus.