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Why 'Who Is This?' Is Literally The Most Insulting Text Ever (Video)

It's been another long week, and you've made it to Friday night.

While sitting on the couch, mindlessly watching Netflix and sipping on a beer, you think back to last weekend and that person you met at the bar. Or maybe it's that old hookup you haven't talked to in a while. You finally muster up the courage to send that person a text.

After you decide how many "y's" you should add after "hey," and once the timing is perfect, you send it: the standard “heyy what's up” text.

It is the perfect combination of casual but curious.

You put the phone face down on the table. Pour yourself a beer or a glass of wine before you even think to turn the phone over. You see it light up and begin to do a small victory dance.

You unlock your phone to read the message and your legs go numb. The prospective partner wrote back,

Who is this?

Who is THIS?? WHO IS THIS?? The only thing worse than receiving “k” in a text message is receiving this classic you're-not-cool-enough-to-be-in-my-phone text.

On this episode of "Generation whY," we discuss the incredibly awkward “Who is this?” text and how to overcome that dreaded conversation.

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